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Unscheduled appointment.

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Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted.

I'm a bit more of a worrier these days since my SAH, and I'm worrying a bit right now, (probably unnecessarily)
I had a phone call from the hospital yesterday afternoon to say my consultant wants to see me on Wednesday morning.

No other information.
I had an MRI in January so thinking (hoping) it's just to discuss the results of that.
My daughter planted a seed by saying if all was well wouldn't they just send a letter saying the results of scan were all clear, as is usually the case after any sort of test I've ever had.....

My headaches continue though I'm happy to say the very bad ones appear less frequent. Suffering terrible dizziness, which the GP said may or not be SAH related.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Take care.

Deb. x


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Hi Deb


I can understand the worry having had a phone call like that - I'm guessing it probably is to discuss the results of your MRI. 


One thing I've learned over the years since my sah is that things never seem to work the same way twice within the NHS administration.  I've had numerous MRI scans and I've had the results through the post, I've had appts through the post to discuss the results, I've had my gp surgery ring me and tell me a scan was clear two days before I received a letter from the hospital saying it wasn't (she was supposed to have told me a urine sample was clear!), I've even rung up for results to be told it was a good job I'd rung because I'd got lost in the system!  After my scan in Aug 15 and not having heard anything by October,  I got a phone call on a Friday telling me the consultant wanted to see me on Monday, which, like you, made me automatically worry. 


I don't think our nerves are taken into consideration when they do these things. 

Wishing you all the best for Wednesday,






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I think its more than likely to discuss the results.  I had two follow up MRIs and saw my consultant after both of them to discuss the results.  If it was anything serious would they really be making you wait until Wednesday? Wouldn't they have asked you to come in straight away?  Try not to worry Deb, I know its hard not to but please do try.

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Hi Deb,

Just want to wish you all the best for Wednesday, like Sarah said they don't consider our nerves when they do things like this.


Try not to worry to much, i agree with Sami, i think if it was anything serious would they make you wait until Wednesday.


Sending you a big hug,

Let us know how you get on.



Michelle x

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Well Debs,


Whatever Consultant says, you know he has your best interest at heart.


I wont tell you not to Worry as I would also.


So go in and listen and you can talk it over with him,  Good luck for Tomorrow is it?


Wishing you Well




Win xxxxx  If it is nothing to worry about tell him to tell you next time as you have stressed yourself for nothing xxxx

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