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Karen tompsett

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Hello everyone.


My mum had an sah on the brain we were told she would not make it when it happened on the 4th June2016.

Mum is 66, so no age at all. But after defying all odds she is  here. They told us they didn't know what she would be like.

Mum has a shuffle when she walks and short term memory loss, she has also lost the last 5 years,  can't remember her parents passing or living in the house she is, as this was all in the 5 years she has lost in her memory.


She gets very confused and doesn't believe what my dad tells her when she asks something. She also makes up stories and doesn't have any interest in anything . What I want to know is how can we help her, how long will it be before she starts improving? Is this kind of behaviour normal from someone that has had this happen to them.


Any advice is greatly received.

Thank you



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Hi Karen


i am sure some members will offer you some great advice to help you out. My experience was not that similar so I will offer prayers and best wishes for improvement for your Mum. Sounds like she is a fighter!  



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Hi Karen


Welcome to BTG glad you found us. Sorry to hear about your mum, sounds like she has had a rough time of things. Is she having some kind of rehabilitation as this should help her. Like Chris my experience was very different to your mums. I had loss of memory initially but it is much better now and I just suffer from some short term loss and fatigue.


Has she had a chance to see a neuro-psychologist? I am sure this would help her as they would be able to suggest strategies to cope with her difficulties. If she has not seen one you may find the nurse specialist at the hospital she was treated will be able to make a referral to one. I am sorry am not able to offer much advice, this must be a very difficult time for you.. Keep on being there for her and constantly remind her of her missing 5 years.


Keep us updated with her progress.


Clare xx

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Karen Hi,


I used to say to my Sisters  "tell Dad when I get better I'll come and see him" and they'd agree with me, my Dad died in 1999 and I totally forgot !!


Did Mum ever sing ? if so get her to sing or sing her fave song with her.  That is what my Sisters did with me.

I had a shunt put in a year after my SAH and I awoke.   But  when I was out of it.  I saw my Parents but Mum wouldn't talk to me. 

I think it was because my Daughter needed me ??? and it seemed so real !!


I come from a family who sang a lot and music keeps me going.  I cannot take Doomers and Gloomers telling me sad news.  I used to but not anymore !!  part of the SAH I guess.


No Stress as I say to every newcomer lol as my Surgeon told me this.  Get her to laugh and sing if possible.  I was so scared when I woke up as I thought

uh oh this is it !!  I couldn't even remember where I lived. 


Take her for a coffee, get her out.  Been there got the dents in head to prove it.  Also I put a lot of weight on now on a diet grrr. 

Your Mum will get there but it is a long haul and she needs a fuss made of her as my Family did to me.


We are back to arguing again.  So life is back to normal.  Apart from walking I can walk 220 yards on a good day.


Good luck to all of you  and be patient we do get confused and look at  " A letter from your Brain" it describes what Mums been through xxxx

WinB143 xx xx My short term memory is awful xx

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Hi Karen :)


A very warm welcome to BTG.

Find above the link to  'A letter from your Brain'   that the lovely Win mentioned in her post :)


Wishing your Mum well and look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx


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Hi there


Warm welcome glad you found us...


I've lost more than 5years of my past, its just something I adabted to talking about it is a good thing for me though.


Why not do a collage of pictures of times, places and events...


I think its quite normal it depends on which part of the brain has been effected.


Was your Mum sent to rehab hospital? if not maybe getting Headway involved would be a good idea, speak with you GP


Don't give up though keep pushing.


Take care

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