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Subarachnoid Haemorrhage from fainting and hitting my head on the hospital floor

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I was just wondering when does the dizziness go away. Its  been 3 weeks. I sleep at least 18hrs a day. Can't shake the dizziness. How long  does it usally take before I can start feeling normal. Right now i cant be left alone need someone here in case I fall.

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Welcome to BTG Ricky.

You are in the very early stages of recovery.

As for your question, there are no hard, fast rules regarding recovery, each and every one is different. It takes time and in most cases lots of time.

For the dizziness it may be prudent to use a walking stick or other walking aid to lessen the risk of falls.

All you can do is listen to your body and sleep when you need to, your brain has been assaulted and needs time to heal.

Don't push it, slowly and surely is the way to go, or you will find yourself taking backward steps in your recovery.


You ask how long it will be before you start to feel "normal". In many cases, not all, there will be a new "normal" which has to be accepted.

It is not all doom and gloom, there is a life after SAH, might be a slightly different life as many have found, but there to be enjoyed. 

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Are you keeping hydrated?  Drink plenty of water, it helps with the headaches but I don't know about the dizziness. Well worth a try.


Dizziness is the pits, mine didn't go away, 13 years later I still suffer and have to use walking aids. I have learnt to cope with it by developing strategies. Don't take this as a negative, I was just unlucky, in most cases it does eventually go.

As I suggested use a stick to stabilise yourself in the meantime.

Why not visit you doctor and ask if there is anything he can give you for it in the short term.


You know the saying "Patience is a virtue" well in terms of recovery from a SAH it certainly is.


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Hi Ricky,

Welcome to BTG sorry that you suffered SAH.

As Super Mario has said you are in the very early stages of your recovery and this is all new to you.

The dizziness isn't very nice as you are finding out, try not to make sudden movements, like getting up from a sitting position move to the edge of the seat and sit for a moment then stand up slowly, the same when turning around do it slowly, your brain and your body have suffered trauma and they need time to heal. It's good that you are getting plenty of rest as that is a big help, making sure you are drinking lots of water is also very important as this helps with headaches, you have to listen to your body and your brain, try not to over do things because if you do they will let you know.


You have come to the right place for help and support, you will find a lot of great information and advice here, you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's nice to have somewhere you can come to where people know what you have been through and understand how you are feeling, 

The recovery road can be a bit bumpy at times, we are here to help you along it.


Wishing you well as you start your recovery journey Ricky.


Michelle xx 

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Hi Ricky,


I was just wondering if you were still on the nimodipine, because one of the common side effects of that is dizziness. Most of the time when I was in hospital and for the first few weeks at home I slept most of the time as well. Just try and take it easy, time and patience are the key things at the moment.


Kay x

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Do things at a slower pace Ricky, I was told this  when I first came on here.


I sit up and swing legs to side of bed,  wait then when feel okay then I stand up.  You have to work at a different pace after SAH but you will get there xx


I wish you all the best and remember Slowly does it.  Good luck


WinB143  xx

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