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Hello everyone. I'm Blue, 49 years old from Maryland USA. I had sah on September 1st 2016. I was at work,near the end of the day. Im a legal assistant,and was on the phone with a client when I suddenly felt the world going gray. I had sah of anterior communicating artery,and a minor ischemic stroke during coiling. I feel very fortunate to have survived,and so far,I've made a great deal of progress in recovery. This site has been a wealth of information,and inspiring to see so many survivors helping others.

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Hi Blue,


Welcome to BTG.  My SAH was the 'left anterior communicating artery' and I was coiled, some 6.5 years ago at the age of 54.  I am 61 now.


I'm glad you are getting so much out of the site.  There is plenty of information in all the different subjects on here and you will see that although there are many similarities, there are also many differences.  The brain is complex and so many differences in experiences means there is something on the site for practically everyone.


However, if you have any medical problems you are best going back to the professionals who treated you, as we are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.


What we can do is tell you our own experiences.


Have a good look around the site and feel free to post when you wish.  If you require help then shout up and someone will assist.  Once again, welcome to the group.



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Hi Blue or Coy dog,


This site made me know I was not alone and it helped my Daughter,  while I was in cuckoo land, she had someone to talk to about her worries.


Keep a smile close at hand and any songs  when down start singing them, drives my hubby potty ha ha


Welcome and hope to talk more xxx



WinB143 xx


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