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scared to do things

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I seem to be struggling getting myself out i get really scared...

My docors have given me some tablets citraplam and put it up to 20mg 2 days ago...

I dont want this to get to me and am determind to beat it but i get anxious if anyone asks me to do anything and say no...

My husband made me walk abit the other day and i started crying saying i cant funny enough i had a word with myself took my time felt faint in shop but think that was me worrying then walked to take dvd back not walked far but it was an achievement..

Then the next few days have been bad so feel knocked back a bit xx

I love shopping :lol:

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Hi Donna

I know you probably get fed up of hearing this but you are still early on in your recovery and the anxiety you feel is perfectly natural. At your stage I also was scared of going out by myself and always made sure that someone was with me.

It does get better but it will take time and if you ovedo things one day it does knock you back for a few days. I still get fatigued if I overdo things now and have to rest and take it easy for a few days.

Make the most of the achievements you have made and slowly but surely the good days will last longer.

Janet x

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Hey Donna

I found it helpful to make a note in a little book of what I did each day and how I felt each day. You can then look back on a weekly basis and then even further back as time passes and you can see what you've achieved. It's a great confidence booster because you don't realise that each day you are doing that little bit more than you did yesterday or last week. After everything you've been through and only being 2 and a half months in, you're doing brilliantly and are obviously determined - stay that way and your confidence will grow - when that grows things will become a lot easier than they are now hun.

Take care - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXXX :D

Speak soon

love Sami xxxx

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I remember my first outing after.... I went to a store with hubby to buy a Christmas present. Straight there, and straight home. I felt soooo weird and WEAK and unbalanced in that store I thought I was going to have to ask for a chair. It was such a short little trip but a HUGE deal to me. Sounds like you're right on schedule! Look forward to better times soon!!!!!!!

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Guest Yvonne


Compared with me you're doing fantastically well. It was many many months before I first ventured out alone and it was terrifying - everything seemed so noisy and bright and I had to go to bed for a long rest when I got back - and I'd only gone to the post box! What really helped me was getting a dog from the rescue centre - he was depending on me and I had to take him out for walks every day - even if it often took me a few hours to feel up to it I did it and it got easier.

It will take time but you'll get there.



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