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Hi All,


Thoughts please.


I had reason to ask my doctor for a letter about my medical record. It stated about my two aneurysms being stabilised following the embolization procedure. It then went on to say, that I have a remaining smaller aneurysm which remains under surveillance a cerebral aneurysm was embolised..  I am totally confused by that comment. I was never told there was a smaller one. I had the second Annie sorted in 2011 had a MRI scan done 2 years later all being fine. They discharged from their care.


All that was ever said to me was if I ever felt unwell then get in touch. I feel fine, but can't get this out of my head now after reading it. The thought that I am not under any surveillance. Maybe it means just what they said to me on discharging me if I don't feel well get back in touch. I just don't know. I really just want to file the letter & go about my daily life. Thanks for reading my post& for being here. I always remember how I found you all just before I had my second Annie dealt with. All the support positive messages you gave me so grateful to this day. I made so really good friends on here.. Sorry if I seem over the top with my post, Thanks


Happy Days

Sonia xxx.

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Hi Sonia - I think I would be confused too in that situation.  I imagine if you just file it, it will keep cropping up in your mind which is why I would be inclined to get to the bottom of it - either via your GP or direct to writer of the letter, especially as the letter states you remain under surveillance, but you're clearly not.


I coincidentally found out that I had a 2nd aneurysm by chance while I was at a doctor's appointment - he was reading a letter from the hospital on his computer and when he'd answered my questions, I asked if there was anything else in the letter that I should know about.  Not for a minute did I expect him to say I'd got another aneurysm:shock:.   I've been under surveillance since my bleed in 2008 although having said that, I would be monitored with or without that second one as the one that ruptured has a wide neck and it is in a relatively rare and challenging spot.


I hope you go for clarity so you can continue your daily life without it lingering over you,


Take care,




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Hi Sarah,

Just come back from my doctors, she checked all my notes letters & the MRI scan about my Annie treatment & results. There was no mention of a remaining untreated Annie or that I was not under any such surveillance.

She agreed that the letter was not correct. So it has been rewritten.

States...... Review of notes & letters from neurology show that there is no untreated aneurysm & further surveillance ceased .Neurology appointments concerning blepharospam continue. every 4 months. The doctor quite understood why I would feel concerned about the way it was written


As I have to have injections in my eyelids every 4 months then she mentioned that she was sure if I had a problem I would tell the Neurology department that I attend.  I certainly would do.

Thank you again Sarah for your support just needed that Push to sort it.

Love Sonia xx


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