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I am just finding things hard at the moment again

Everything feels spinny alot at the moment and I have a headach and neckache and backache most of the time x x

I am going to look at changing my meds i take 1 co codamol and 1 paracetoml 4x a day but it does not seem to be hitting the spot straight away, but i was thinking that because it is my time of month it makes things more noticable if you know what i mean x

I am still waiting for my results on paper even though i have been told by my nurse things are ok i still want to see it on paper..

My body keeps feeling shaky but i just keep taking deep breaths x

I am also aware that sah sufferers can get epilepsy which is another worry but i just think that because it hasnt happened in the last 4 months it wont now, i have not been told anything like this from my neuro surgeon and it is a worrying thought x x

sorry to go on these are just some things i woundered if anyone else worried about or had problems with x

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Hey Donna

Its understandable that your anxiety gets worse when you're feeling so off. I think that with having such a young child to look after you're probably not getting as much rest as your body needs.

Has your G.P referred you for counselling yet as that would probably really help you to put all your fears and anxiety into perspective.

Stay strong Donna you have been doing really well thinking of you and sending lots of virtual hugs. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Janet x

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Hi Donna :D

I agree with Janet, try and rest as much as possible,and maybe things do seem worse because of the time of the month, doesn't help matters thats for sure! Take care Hun, things will get better, keep your chin up....keep it possitive, and as i said earlier, you have done so well already, give yourself a break :D Remember the times we have ROFL :lol: Sorry just trying to make you smile and cheer you up :D You taught me that !!! :D

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Donna I am worse around my period and I was really bad during pregnancy so I wouldn't consider that for a while. Donna epilepsy can happen to anyone at anytime so don't worry about it there is medication that you can take for fits, don't let it bother you its unlikely to happen. Donna you have been given a second chance at life just know you are one of the lucky ones and enjoy life. Jess.xxx

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Guest Shiree

Hi Donna

I am Five months since SAH, and I have found that I feel good, then have a rough patch, feel good then have a rough patch, but each rough patch is not as bad as the last one, so I must be slowly getting better.

Don't feel alone, every now and then I freak out about one thing or another and sometimes I just bawl my eyes out in self pity... I think it is normal. You are doing great though, and being a mum is the hardest job of all. I worry about seizures too, but it sounds like they are very rare after SAH :D

Hang in there kiddo, just remember we have each other :D



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going to the counceller once isnt really enough Donna you need to keep going.....

I spoke to a phycologist about twice a day in the begining, maybe thats why I come across so matter of fact about it people think I took it in my stride thats actually so untrue....said before dont let it engulf you been there wasnt nice.....

go on make another appointment with the councellor


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