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KeithH - Pre -Stroke Days


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Wont do the School bit, can't remember that far back

In October 1975 I joined the ROYAL AIR FORCE. Traveling to places near and far learning my chosen profession - a chef. Serving 12 years. Learning something different everyday. Playing Rugby for the Royal Air Force, as well as local teams wherever I was stationed. I was lucky enough to cook for Members of the Royal Family, and Catered for many State Visits.

Then moving on to pastures new. I worked for 'WARNER HOLIDAYS' as a second chef. It wasn't long before I was Head Chef and in charge of my own kitchen. Catering for up to 400 people (when full) three times a day, seven days a week 50weeks a year (Yep I was & still am mad) Hated those “Turkey & Tinsel Breaks” they started end of October & finished mid December, just in time for the real Christmas. By the time Christmas Day arrived I've already served over 4500 Christmas Lunches!!! Anyway.

In the very little free time I had, I enjoyed socializing, mainly chilling out down the local. My way off unwinding, was to takeout my frustrations on the “Dart Board” Mind you I also won a lot more than I lost. Played to County Standard, and even made it into the “UK Open, European Masters & Wimma Masters. I was well known on the Dart Circuit on the Isle of Wight. Fixture Secretary of the two leagues in my home town of Ryde.

I was only going to stay there for a couple of years, At Warner Bembridge, you know, put my foot in the door, have a look around, see what else was available. Well after 8 years I had enough of working a six day week, all the hours and the hassle wasn't worth it. So a change! It wasn't that there was no other work, but on the Isle of Wight, there's loads of seasonal jobs, and those don't pay your bills.

The Job Change!!

No, stayed in catering but this time working for the 'ROYAL AIR FORCE" as a civilian.

What's this a 5 day week, one weekend in 4, finished by 1800hrs (6p.m.). Lovely, more time with the family, watching my daughter grow up, having time to ourselves.

Now enjoying my other pleasure “Rugby” and being in charge meant I did the rota, giving myself at least the home games when I was on weekend off. (Naughty, but a good perk)

Everything going OK until that evening in March 1998!!! (That was in my intro)

All for now, next installment, what happened after my Stroke

Keith Henman

Stroke Survivor

Take care all

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