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What happened after my Stroke Part Two?


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As I stated earlier I was introduced to the OK Stroke Club, this turned out to be a very positive move, and in my opinion just knowing you’re not alone helps. I would strongly advise any stroke survivors and their carers to access such groups. At first I was very hesitant as my confidence was at an all time low as I walked through the doors, not knowing what to expect. There was no need to worry as I received a warm friendly welcome, and there were friends I had already met at Duet, in fact it was one of them that suggested I came along.

That was over nine years ago and I am now Secretary of the OK Stroke club. I have also found time to help set up four more stroke clubs/groups, and compile a monthly user friendly Newsletter.

The group split into two, a group of people decided that they felt there should be better care in the area and that was the start of a much appreciated and successful campaign.

The Campaign Group

The Hull and East Riding Stroke Survivors' Forum, was renamed Strokewatch, which was an offshoot of the OK Stroke Club. Through campaigning and a petition to Parliament the group succeeded in raising awareness about the urgent need to improve stroke services in Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. In just over a year the group along with some very dedicated NHS staff was responsible for the implementation of the Fast Track TIA Clinic, Acute Stroke Service on ward 110 at Hull Royal Infirmary.

The groups are run entirely by local stroke survivors and carers and are regularly consulted by service providers and other agencies on the planning, monitoring and further development of whole stroke services. We still campaign for better stroke services in Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We also provide information and support to people who have had a stroke, and their carers.

Further information can be obtained by visiting


You will find lots of other relevant information about stroke, on this easy to use site, including the NHS Annual Stroke Reports in full, stroke survivors and carers’ personal experiences and links to other useful sites relating to stroke and disability groups.

Being a founder member of Strokewatch, myself and five other fellow Stroke Survivors still have a meaningful say and contribution to the whole stroke service.

As members of the “User & Carers Representative for Stroke Hull & East Riding Stroke Service” we liaise directly with the Nurse Consultant for Stroke and her team, giving much valued, constructive and meaningful input to the Stroke Working Group Meetings. We also visit Care Homes and Rehab Wards on request, give talk to stroke groups, student nurses and social services students, we find this very rewarding.

We offer empathy, understanding, friendship and a friendly ear to Stroke Survivors, Carers & Family Members. The aim being to help strokesurvivors’ and carers’ to improve their conditions and quality of life.

This is something I never imagined or thought I would be able to achieve in the early stages of my recovery, but with lots of help and determination I have succeeded.

My last entry which I will submit shortly will sum up all my achievements since my stroke.

Or will it be my last entry????

Take care all

Keith Henman

Fellow Stroke Survivor

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I went to my support group wasnt going to go but hubby made me has i was on a all time low.......

I fount it brightend my spirits being around people who know exactually how i felt.....dont know what i would do without it so

WELLDONETo you for supporting others you are what i call life saver x x x x

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You've done amazing well, Keith. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have appreciated what you have done.

You didn't just sit down and do nothing, you got up and did something. You received and you've given back in return.

Give yourself a pat on the back, well done, hun x

H xx :D

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Only Me

Thank you for your comments, there will be one more installment.

The feedback helps me also.

Just the summery to compile, but I could add to that everyweek!! Don't worry I wont!

But I will add bits at regular periods

Catch up with most of you on chat, to the ones that I miss, Take care & be strong

Keith Henman

Fellow Stroke Survivor

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