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My Darling Linda

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Hi Paul,.


Paul, I don't know what to say, when I read this, I cried. It's a long time since I've been on btg and wow you and Lin have been through it. I'm so sorry about your news. Lin has fought a battle for a long time and you have been an amazing support for her. I remember our messages in the beginning when you were wondering how you were going to be able to support her well enough etc and you've done a brilliant job. She'll be pain free now.


i like Sami, would like to come and pay my respects but won't be able to get the time off xx


Try and remember to take care of yourself too xx







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Paul   So glad you liked the hamper - Karen really wanted to do something special for you and we were all for it.  You've continually offered so much support to others on here despite your d

Paul, it was sent with much love from BTG, for all that you do for Lin and for all of the support that you give to others on BTG .... and thank you for being you. x

my dearest friends   after yet another hard day with lin which I will go into later because when I got back to the flat there was a fairly large box outside the door addressed to me  

my darling friends


thank you to the lovely person who was able to transfer the music onto lins page you are not alone means so so much to me I played it in 2008 when lin was in hospital after the collapse  and the vocals just reduces me to tears with memories of 2008 through to today the song really allows me to express how I feel today and the tears just flow because if I could sing I would but thank you for a lovely gesture which I will always treasure god bless you and thank you xx

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hello my dearest friends


thank you for all your lovely response's it has helped and supported me to come to terms with Linda's passing which has been very painful however im going to try and put a copy of lins service card on here and possibly a picture of lins flower tribute before it was placed on the casket


however I will also stop posting on this page as I feel lin would like to support others who are going through the same situation as we have gone through


I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for both lin and me I feel extremely humbled by your tributes and care and love you have shown us both god bless you all and thank you I will listen to the music which has been lovingly put on Linda's page by  the special person who I think knows how much it means to me  god bless you


 all my love   paulxxxx


PS may I also thank everyone who donated in lins memory to BTG I am stunned and so grateful my heart really is so so grateful that you found it in your hearts to support Karen and the site  god bless you and thank you

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Thank you Paul for helping my Daughter Bessie /Sarah when I was out of it.


So a great debt is owed to you and all on this forum xx


Hope All goes well with you and once again thanks  xx


Kindest Regards


Winb143 xxxxx

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Love and hugs Paul....we're all with you. x


Some of the older members on BTG who haven't posted for a while and have moved on from BTG, but are friends on Facebook with BTG Facebook and myself, send their love and condolences, as they remember your personal support and Lin ....


Sarah, Carolyn, Tina W, Michelle D, Janet, Jen, Keith, Leonie, Sandi, Kelley, Donna, Margaret, Vivien and Mary.... their usernames on BTG are different, but they're all thinking of you and send love. x

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Hi  my dearest friends


This will be the last post on this thread  but I just want to let you know how much you have become my friends and the support has been out of this world thank you from the bottom of both lin and my hearts


Last Friday the 24th  I attended a memorial  at the nursing home where lin lived for nearly nine years which I was reluctant to do but I went and it did help in coming to terms with lins passing I was asked to write a tribute which will go in the memorial book for others to view and should I go back I can view it along with lins picture, if you don't mind I will write lins tribute for your viewing as some of the other family members who lost some one from this year found it soothing ?


                                                                           TRIBUTE TO LINDA  aka honeybun


My darling Linda a women who would light up the room with just her presence with her personality and smile and twinkle in her eyes and the soft touch and love we had which was unconditional and true women who gave me so much in the way of love contentment and happiness which we both shared even after your bleed you showed your love in many ways and the signals and the fight you showed me until the last day which came so swift and decisive way which took everything away except the memories of our love and commitment to each other. seeing the fear in your eyes tore me apart at the end but I will forever be in your debt for sharing our love and showing me what true love means and feeling your body against mine and your soft voice which carried so much love to me and your passing which has left a huge hole in my life which will never be replaced but you have left me privileged and forever grateful for all the love you showed me you will always be in my heart until we are joined again my dearest honeybun im sorry I let you down but my love will always be for you and that I miss you so very much darling and I will always love you

and carry you in my heart  


                                                                 love you teddy bear  now and forever


It was also lins birthday the following day the 25th which I spent looking at pictures and reflecting I hope lins story helps others god bless you all

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