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Hi I'm a worried parent of an adult who had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 4 years ago. It was an emergency large bleed and they were sent to Kings who inserted a large number of metal coils, and warned us they may not survive the night.

They did but very bad symptoms and in "safe room" for 2 weeks, then several more in Kings before discharged.


Follow up scan indicated stent needed and inserted.

Now having worrying symptoms and due for another scan. They are contacting Kings  about it but I still worry as all NHS under pressure.



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Hello Dilly, and a warm, welcome to BTG.


You have arrived at the right place for getting help, support and advice from members and carers who have first hand experience of life after SAH. We do not however offer any medical advice.


As you browse through the various topic threads you will discover many experiences similar to your own situation.


It was also four years after my wife`s SAH when  I discovered BTG.


To assist us in our responding to your post it would be helpful if you could provide some more information about what happened at the time your family member experienced the SAH,,, and also a brief comment on how progress has been over the past four years.


Any SAH is such a traumatic time for the survivor and also for the immediate family and friends. I am sorry that now after four years you are feeling anxious and uncertain about the recovery.


Each bleed is so unique as is the recovery journey. We look forward to your comments and assure you that you are in good company to help you face the future.






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Hi Dilly,


Welcome to BTG.  One of the 'good' things about SAH is  that it is very rare.  Re-occurrence is, therefore, rarer still.  What you can say in your case is that the hospital are aware of  developments in your relative's case.  That is good and I'm sure they will do their best to take care of them.


It's a tough time for you, I know, but please try to stay positive.  There is a long, slow, recovery journey ahead but hopefully they have the strength to pull through.  As Subs has said, there are other similar stories on here to help give you the support you need.


When you come onto the site, click on any of the main headings to the left and other threads will come up from which you can see the experiences of others.  Please let us know how the situation develops and as 'Subs' says above, the more you tell us the more we'll be able to help you.


Best wishes,



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Hi Dilly


I'm glad you have found the site  I understand your concerns but be rest assured that should further intervention be necessary it will be carried out in a speedy manner if required. It will be down to a neurosurgeon to decide so take one day at a time and try to be positive. Best wishes to the family  

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