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neck on annies

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Hello all been to my appointment today

was just woundering if anyone has a neck on their anni x x i have a tiny neck which they are just going to keep doing scans to check but just said to me i am doing really well and to carry on with my life x x

i am free to swim and go back to work when ready xxx



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I have a neck left on my aneurysm ..... I'm still here, alive and kicking at over 3 years post SAH .... I can understand that this news can be more than a little bit daunting to come to terms with, but from what I've read, the neck would have to have grown to a fair size to be a threat to any of us. The main thing is, that we're going to be monitored ..... whatever you do, don't let it hold your recovery back and keep moving forward, as you can waste so much precious time worrying about it ..... I learnt the hard way with that one ..... I'm due back for my next scan in 2010 ... and will take it from there as to what needs doing to it, if anything....xx

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Donna, that's good to hear ..... I'm so glad to hear that you're calm and feeling okay about it ...... the main thing is, that they'll monitor you and like you say, if it needs coiling, they'll do so ... and yes, it's not traumatic and unlike having another SAH .... which causes huge problems etc. V.proud of you! ..... and you sound like a different person to the one that I met a few months ago ..... as I said, I also have a neck that they couldn't coil, but I'm still experiencing recovery and life has improved greatly .... xx

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Hi Donna,

I'm pleased that you are looking forward and not getting stressed.

They will keep an eye on things for you now.

Time to move forward, you can join that gym now!!

Dawn x

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