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spinning feelings

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Hi all

Was just woundering if anyone had spinning feelings ( sort of like feeling of being on a boat xx )

I am nearly 6 months post sah xx

I know we all have different feelings but this one is horrible feeling xxx

Thoughts go through your head like normal x x i keep thinking is it blood in my head rushing around and lots of things like that xx :roll:

I just wanted to know if this is normal xxx

thankyou guys

love donna xxxxxx

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Donna, I spoke to you earlier in the chat room .... spinny has been "normal" for me ... it does feel extremely abnormal though and it takes the brain quite a while not to get spooked by it ..... the brain does learn ..... but, you will have to give it time.

If you're not happy, then go back to your GP .... I had a balance assesment carried out .... was referred by the GP to my local hospital... they did all kinds of tests and nothing showed up .... it was put down to my eyesight probs ....

However, it has got better and better ..... it's been a slow job and there's been nothing that I've been able do about it, apart from get some physio for my eyes, that took me out of my comfort zone .... no pain, no gain....

There's been no quick fix for me .... if there had been, then I would have passed it on to all of you guys ..... you just have to keep living each day and hope .... I never, ever thought that I would get to the stage that I am now .... I still have a lot of problems, but know that recovery is still taking place ... I was told that maximum recovery would take place by 6 months .... I know now, that for me personally, it's not true....recovery has been slow, but even ..... I can only relay my own experience .... but the anxiety has decreased greatly and I think that the spinny feelings are a mix of the physical and mental emotions.....hope this helps. x

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Hi Donna

I am the same....10 months down the line i still have the spinny feeling most of the time...it is something i am just getting used to......dont know if it is my eyes or Brain still mending. I agree with Karen though everyone is different and recovery can be slow....just keep living everyday and hope.

Take care love Tinaxx

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