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Six months post-SAH

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Hi everyone,

I haven´t been writing much lately but I am still very much around. Things have quietened down a bit, haven´t seen any doctors lately and will probably have my next CTA and visit to the neurosurgeon in April. I am still having some problems with swallowing and my voice is still a little hoarse but I am gradually improving. I might have a broken tendon in my left shoulder, must have happened during the seizure, and if it is confirmed, apparently, the only solution is surgery. Needless to say, the answer is no. I'll recover it as far as it will go on its own accord and settle for that. My head is beginning to feel "more normal" and not like an overblown pumpkin. Honestly, I had lost all feeling of its shape and size and kept banging it! The neck is still stiff.

I had to give up one of my part time jobs. I would get home straight from it and start right away with my English classes after having a bite standing up in the kitchen. No rest at all and I was beginning to get snappy at my students. After two hours I was exhausted, my house was a mess because I couldn´t do anything in it due to lack of time and energy and I was beginning to slide into the (warned by many) depression. Now I feel much happier, still keep a two-hour paperwork job at a clinic, take care of the housework and shopping in the morning, eat better, have a rest at midday and I am enjoying teaching again. I can even accept more students because I´m not dragging myself around after 2 lessons. In the last couple of days, I´ve started laughing like I used to again. My head felt a bit weird as it usually does when I do something "new" nowadays, but I didn´t let that stop me. It felt great!

I´m ok and grateful. I still believe my family coped with the worst. They still feel sick when someone phones if I am nowhere in sight and it will take time for them to let go of the fear, if they ever do. I was two months in coma while they were awake and with no idea of on what conditions I would emerge out of it...,if I emerged. I was blissfully asleep but for them it was a day-to-day nightmare. It´s my biggest regret of the SAH. The worry and suffering it cost them, though my daughter says it helped her "grow up" and discover she´s stronger than she thought she was.

Anyhow, that´s the latest report from down here and I´m glad to be alive. Now that I have more time, I will try to write a bit more and not only about myself.

Once again, thanks to all of you for being there and I wish you nothing but the best. :)

Lots of love,


Lanzarote/Canary Islands

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Guest ElaineW

Glad to hear things are going well for you. My mum is also six months post SAH and has been going through a very much up and down stage at the moment. Her legs have been letting her down somewhat and she is reflecting on what has happened and worries for the future. She is 75 and lives alone so I can understand her concerns. I hope you continue to make progress. We have never been a family to celebrate Xmas much or the New Year but I think I feel different this year in that my mum is still here, what more could I want? Anyway my very best wishes to you (at least you have some nice sunshine)


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Hello there,

Welcome to the BTG site, just read your posting, it sounds like you are getting life sorted, well done. I am also new to the site and have found it a total lifeline with lots of support we are all a friendly lots. :D

Take care and hopefully meet you in the chat room one.

Love luck and laughter

Michelle C


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hi nurianna, I AM A NEW one ,had my sah 25th of sept 2008,so i am only 2 months on ,(you certianly had a rough time,)my eye did close,and terribly dizzy(still am dizzy,and still some double vision ) and like all the rest bad heads ,(Ionly hope I do as well as you at 6 months)you seem to be doing, really well,(great) I HAVE FOUND IT REALLY HARD as i cant do the things i used to do, (but maybe some of it will come back soon,)anyway keep up the good work,........I forgot to tell you ,I to have a bad arm, ive had cortisone injections they thought mine was torn ,but i had a scan,and result showed Inflammation,(mine has been so painfull i cant sleepat night for pain )cortisone did not work,It started all of a sudden,(i did have a fall but it did not start right away)love prue xx

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congratulations on getting your licence back I HOPE I GET MINE BACK IN 6 MONTHS how long where you before you felt fit to drive ,i suppose you had to wAIT UNTILL all the dizzyiness had gone (but who tells you ,YOU can now drive ? ) is it your doctor or consultant (i havent got a clue,)anyway good luck love prue xx


Glad to hear you are ok, I too am 6 months post SAH and just got my driving licence back today! wonderful feeling.


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