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will this get better?

Guest Jackie

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SAH in May 2006 walked away with nothing but a sore shoulder, although I moaned about it no one took me seriously, all preoccupied with my brain!

Consequently I have got Adverse Neural Tension (ANT) with Frozen Shoulders on top of that and I am having physio now for it,I think I am getting there but slowly. Over the past week though my brain has been racing with thoughts, this has happened before but about 3 months ago, now it has come back big time. I was given my drivers license back and wonder if it is the thought of doing that that has caused this to happen.

I am worried about the mental act of driving, not the physical act, the whole thought process of driving scares me, will I forget how to do it, will my brain cope with all this thought process, being I have had to make a "To Do List" so I can tick off outstanding jobs as i do them, being I forget, they are not important jobs to do, I just feel its my brain's way of leaving out the less important things since my SAH. But I felt if I make this list then it will be part of the course of getting back to normal.

But sadly my brain has been racing so much I am now back to brain ache, like I had when I got out of hospital after my SAH was clipped.

Feel I am going off my head>

Jackie :cry::twisted::evil::!:

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Hi Jackie

Nice to hear from you,

Ah the world of list's I have lots of lists going on sometimes especially at this time of the year, I find it quite helpful.

I know its easy to say try not to worry but really do try when the mind starts to race its hard to stop it - I know.

I dont drive but your consultant wouldn't say you could drive if he didnt think you were able, maybe get someone to take you somewhere quite & have a go see how you feel.

Bye just now, hope to hear again from you soon


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I had my SAH 3 months ago and was only allowed to drive last week. Driving felt a bit strange at first, but I soon got back into it. I would follow Louise's advice and try to go somewhere quiet and have a drive. Everyone's SAH experience is different, but I don't think you will forget how to drive. Coping with traffic may be a different matter and maybe you will have to build that up gradually to get your confidence back.

I have never been a list-maker, but since my SAH, I find I need to write things down so I don't forget. Short term memory problems seem common for SAH sufferers.



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Hi Jackie

The worse thing for me since SAH is the memory thing. I used to have a great memory which helped in my work, now I have more lists than names in my phone book.

My husband said he'll take me to Supermarket carpark so I can get used to driving again and using the lanes and getting used to other traffice. i've not driven since the beginning of August and am a bit apprehensive but it's the last missing piece to the puzzle of normality for me so I can't wait until they tell me I can drive again.

Just take it at your own pace, you'll know when you're ready.

Sami xxx

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Gosh, you lot never fail to amaze me!

My son was talking to me about all this and knowing he could not help said, "Ask your 4D friends" thats what he calls us lot, because as he reckons, we see in 4D....so glad he pushed me into asking you all for help.

I will find somewhere quiet to start my driving and will let you know how it goes, as forthe lists, will try and find an alternative to yellow post-its!!

At least it will be more interesting.

Thanks again to you all..guess what my brain is calming down for the first time in 3 days, what a tonic you all are.

JackieXXX :lol::):D

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Hey Jackie

Well I've always said we're the best virtual family any one could have.

If its something important that you have to remember - put a reminder in your mobile if it has the facility. If its an appointment set the alarm for enough time to get ready and get there, if its posting a card for a birthday or something then just put a basic reminder in. If you have to pick something up from the supermarket when shopping put the list in your purse so that you'll have it with your card/cash.

Like I said I never had to do anything like this before, but you kinda adapt and get into a routine. The other way I find helps is playing kids games where you have to look at a selection of items and then someone takes an item away and you have to remember what was there so you know which one has gone. My daughter has a Ninetendo DS so I'm gonna get that Brain Train game for it to see if I can help my memory that way - there are a selection of books too for memory power - all worth a try if like me you're getting more frustrated with the lack of memory than anything else.

4D mmmm like that - my husband has always said that I'm too psychic for his liking - sometimes feel more pyschotic than psychic though!!

Good look

Sami xxx

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Thanks your advice all makes sense.

After now completeing a number of IQ tests, my IQ has gone through the roof, but the one I always score full marks in is Perception, or what everyone else calls (and like your husband) psychic...I have friends queuing up asking me what I think about something connected to them, just because my perception of things is always spot on.

I personally believe us SAHers see in colour!

Time I think to dig out some of my son's old games in the loft, the game called Memory :idea:

Cheers Sami

Jackie X

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No problem. Me and my best friend have known each other for 24 years and it never fails to surprise me when I know she's gonna text me and I pick my phone up seconds before she does or I'll answer a question before she asks it. when we're on MSN we type the exact same thing at the same time. Even when I met my husband, I knew his name before he said it. Sometimes it scares me and sometimes I smile - if only I'd have seen the SAH coming I could have got to hospital before it popped!!! :lol:

Sami xxx

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Hi there

Sami's you're right about the games, when I was in the re-hab hospital they got me doing word search puzzels they are great for the brain, I had to do the kids ones though.

Its just a case of finding a good way for YOU to remember things its what suits YOU wither its yellow post-its or whatever.

Mind you this comes from the person who has just forgot the milk at Asda why because it wasnt on my list.

bye just now


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Hi Jackie,

I too felt like you about the driving, quite anxious. When I got my driving licence back, I just took the car around the block a few times. I also had double vision, which meant that I had to patch off my affected eye. So I didn't just feel like a loony, but I ****** well looked like one as well!!

I'm still not keen on driving and I don't drive too far, as my affected eye still hasn't returned to normal, even though it's greatly improved. I'm 16 months post SAH and I still tend to put on a favourite CD in the car and sing away like a mad woman!

At least you know that you're not the only one to feel this way! :lol:

Hope all is well with you,

lots of love K xx

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Hi Jackie

Had my SAH in Jan 2002, had my licence taken away and did not drive for three years. I lost the sight completely in my left eye which added to my worries about driving.

When I started driving again I called a driving school and explained the situation, the instructor was great and after one time out with him I felt able to cope on the small journeys that I needed to make.

I did not drive in the dark or on motorways. However, after a change in jobs the distance I needed to travel increased by about five times. I had to get my husband to take me out along the route I was to travel and this worked. Difficulty arose again with the dark nights and for sometime I got the bus to work but this meant a very long day. In an evening my husband sat in with me as I went along the route to work and back in the dark, getting used to it again. It is not easy but I have managed. Before my SAH I was never a great driver and only went to work and back really, but I will be happy if I can continue to do this.

Good luck with the driving

Take care


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Hiya Keith,

Well, I still sing away in the car ...... but my singing voice is ****** horrendous since the SAH, I think that the bleed has rendered me tone deaf......it wasn't particularly good before, but even I can tell that it's now excruciatingly bad! :lol: Just watch out for a black Renault Clio!!

Love K xx Hope all is well with you.

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