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My Intro - Terry

Guest terryrwood

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Guest terryrwood

Hello brothers and sisters..

The name's Terry, 44YO male, had my SAH around 6:00PM November 30th 2008, I just passed out and woke up throwing up and partially paralyzed on my right side, the paralysis passed after about 30 minutes. I was way off the beaten path duck hunting in middle Georgia with friends. I threw up all night until about 6 AM, I felt weak and my eyes burned, I also had a headache in the back of my head. I wasn't till about 2 PM the next day that someone was able to take me to where my car was parked, 40 miles away. I drove 60 miles to the hospital in my town, and called my wife to tell her I was sick. I wasn't sure if I has had a minor stroke or what.. by this time my limps were getting heavy and tingling. The ER detected the bleed with a CAT scan, and hey transferred me to Emory in Atlanta. The SAH was in the frontal lobe and it had stopped bleeding on its own, but they went in and coiled it anyway. Spent 2 weeks in ICU, and thankfully came out of it with no deficiencies. Had trouble regulating my head pressure so the put in a shunt and a medium pressure flow control valve from Medtronic. I was told it was a medium pressure during my 1 month checkup, due to a conversation I had with the intern about fluid in my ears I have had since the day after they installed the shunt. I was (as others with my issue have been) referred to an ENT due to the fact that fluid in the ears is not the neurosurgeon’s field of expertise. My visit with the ENT is tomorrow, but I don’t expect anything to come of it. I saw my family Dr 2 weeks after my shunt surgery, and spoke with him about the fluid in my ears, he put me on, Flonaz, for 2 weeks then I went back and it hadn’t changed so he prescribed Ceftin, and Zyertec D. It has been 9 and a half weeks now and I deal with this every day, typically my ears drain by the end of the day, then at night they fill back up, my left being worse than my right. I don’t really feel like I have a right to complain seeing that I am still alive. I know there are some others with similar fluid issues, I will keep this forum apprised of my findings.. It seems groups like this are where research data is collected now-a-days. Thanks for having me… TRW

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Guest Beth1957

Welcome to BTG, Terry.

Wow, you were pretty lucky, weren't you, to survive an SAH right out in the middle of nowhere!

I don't have it myself but I imagine that the fluid in the ears thing must be really infuriating; I hope you and Evelyn get some answers & some relief.

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Hi Terry

A very warm welcome to the site and to the family.

Like others, this site has been a god send to me and I've made some life long friends - many of whom I shall probably never meet due to the distance.

Good look in your recovery and speak soon

Love Sami xxx

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Guest ElaineW

Hello - I am a carer and find this site so interesting and informative as I am sure you will. It is an area where GP's knowledge is very limited and I think once you are discharged from the hopsital until your follow up you are pretty much left to it. WOW - what a place through to have your SAH - that will take some beating!


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