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Tomorrow is one year from my life changing PMSAH. I'm doing well, according to my doctors and friends and overall I'm pretty good. On the outside I am very well. In my brain it's a day to day roller coaster ride. Sometimes I'm 100%, sometimes the left side of my head goes numb, my ears ring, I get light headed, I feel like my mind is out of my body, my neck and trap get tight, and, of course, the anxiety causes me to wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding through my chest. Oh yeah, and exercise other than walking, knocks me out for a few days.


My doc thinks that a lot of the issues are being caused by damage to my greater occipital nerve, which most likely occurred when my neck and back spasmed during my event. Has anyone taken the nerve block shots and had positive results? I'm doing it because I need relief but I was hoping someone here can give me good or bad experience with the lidocaine shots.


I am so much better than I was a year ago, but I would do anything to be normal again... God bless all of you.



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Hello Todd


My husband had a NASAH in May 2019.  The support I received on BTG has been so important to me, and to our family.  My husband has just joined as well last week, he finally feels able to talk about his experience with others who know the journey.


I'm sorry to hear you are having these symptoms, it must be very frightening at times?  It's also hard for you when you look well on the outside but have all these symptoms happening for you, sometimes others don't understand.  Of course, brain injury and recovery is a hidden experience.


I hope you find some answers with your doctor, and experience relief from the nerve blockers.  


:-)  V



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An update on my nerve block... I had the nerve block injections on October 4th. It was a series of 10 injections in my trapezius muscle, neck and scalp, where the occipital nerve is located. The injections hurt like hell for a few seconds but once the lidocaine/steroid numbed the nerve, it was instant relief from all of the weird feeling in my head.


So far, 24 days in, the injections have allowed me to pretty much get back to normal. The injections last for about 12 weeks. If the nerve hasn't fully repaired itself and the weird feelings come back then they will do it again... So far so good! 

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Great news Todd it is helping you and and really hope the nerve repairs itself and you wont have to go through it all again.

Thank you so much for updating us, it will be very helpful for many.


Take care and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Tina xx  

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