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Hi everybody

Just joined your site. Had an SAH in December 2006 and it was coiled in January 2007. Still suffer from headaches though not as bad as original one and am frequently exhausted. I was supposed to have an angiogram in July 2006 but due so they tell me to shortages and holidays it won't be done until late January 2007 or early February 2007 (hopefully) so in a state of limbo at the moment yet glad to be alive. Frequently ring hospital and see GP but nobody seems to hurry them, anybody experienced this sort of delay.


South Wales

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No, I can't say that I've experienced the same delay in having the follow up angio.......I think that I had mine around about 8 or 9 months post coiling. From what I've seen from other fellow SAH'ers, the follow up angio doesn't seem to be carried out at a set time scale. Some people seem to have had theirs earlier than mine or a bit later. I'm presuming that all hospitals vary with the follow up angio.

I can understand that your anxious though, but try not to worry too much as the stress won't help.

Yes, the fatigue is one of the worse parts of the SAH......I still get days when I feel totally whacked and I'm nearly 17 months post SAH. I still get quite a few headaches, but I did before I had the SAH and normally I can get rid of them with the help of painkillers.

Anyway, nice to hear from you.

Catch you later,

Love K xx

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I had my follow-up angiogram less than 2 months after my SAH and I was told last week at my 3 month follow-up appointment that I will have another angiogram 6 months after (8 months post SAH). This could be due to the type and location, which in my case was a dissecting aneurism of the left posterior inferior cerebellar artery which was coiled within a couple of days of the bleed and the whole artery was occluded with the coils. (Apparently, I can do without this one!) Treatment and follow-up was at the Wessex Neuro Centre, Southampton.

Follow-up certainly seems to vary in different parts of the country, but some of the variation could be due to other factors such as severity of SAH, type of aneurism, treatment etc. so try not to get stressed over it.



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Hi Ninja

I got my first angio a year after I was out of hospital, then one the following year then the following year, one of them was cancelled & re-scheduled though because they'd had an emergency which didn’t bother me because I was the emergency at one point.

Think we’ve all went through that limbo stage but I agree its nice to have it over with & then you know where you are.

Anyway its nice to hear from you & hope to hear again soon

Take care


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Hey Ninja

Had my SAH in August and had my follow up appointment in November but won't be re-scanned until February (6months post SAH) and then again in August. The Neuro told me that if they're happy with the way the artery wall has mended in August they'll wave bye-bye to me!! The delay may well be cos they're sure that you're safe and the artery wall has mended sufficiently for them to be able to delay.

I think that all SAHers are now more susceptible to headaches than we were before and more things cause them more easily - and thats rubbish cos one of the things I could never tolerate before was a headache!!!

Sami xxx

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