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Hi Caroline,

Ginkgo biloba is a blood thinner and it's something that you need to check out with your GP after having a bleed on the brain ........http://www.ginkgobiloba-offer.co.uk/ .... I wouldn't advise anybody to take this herbal supplement, without consulting their GP first. My GP told me that it was a definite "no".

If you do a "Search" on this website, then you will hopefully be able to pull up previous posts on this topic under ginkgo or gingko biloba.

Love K xx

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Hey there

I took this for a few months after my SAH and it helped me tremendously. However, it IS a blood thinner and as Karen says, do not take without your GPs consent - I had conflicting advise from all areas when I questioned it. The herbalist said NO, my GP said YES and my Neurosurgeon said he didn't see why not???? :evil::shock: Any wonder we're all confused about what we can and can't take!!!

Always check with your GP before using any herbal/natural remedies as not all state their properties.


Sami xxx

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I was going to take this supplement but my GP said, "no way"

I think there are some risks with some herbal supplements and yes I do feel that you should consult your neurosurgeon or GP.

I was told by my GP not to take just any old over the counter medications without his or neurosurgeons advice.

I guess everyone is different, I did have a bleed but then I suffer from other medical conditions too so it might not be safe for me but

for others it might be ok to take.

Myra xx

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I wanted to use this supplement for my dizziness but my GP gave me a firm no!

I was adviced by him and my neurosugeon not to take any herbal supplements and over the counter medication without medical advice from them. They did say that it might help some people but not all, each situation is different. For me it was the fact I had a bleed and then there is also a question of my high blood pressure and the medications I am taking now.

Caroline, I would get your GP advice first. Take care.

Myra xx

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