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Guardian Newspaper Article - Our Flexible Friend

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Perry has submitted the following link: - http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/ ... depression

It's a very interesting article from the Guardian newspaper, titled "Our Flexible Friend" ....

There is growing evidence that the brain can be trained to compensate for dead or damaged areas. As Ian Sample reports, this could benefit those suffering anything from a stroke to depression or relationship problems
Well worth having a read, if you click on to the above link.

Thanks Perry....

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Hi Caroline,

That's also v.interesting to hear and so glad that you are feeling better in yourself. Have you finished seeing him or is the treatment ongoing?

Well, I'm going to read the article again ..... as I said to Perry, it still takes me 2 or 3 attempts for my brain to digest it and retain the info .... a SAH legacy which I'm getting used to, but is still v.annoying... :roll:

Love K x

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Well, I wasn't sure whether to post this or not ...... a few of you know what's been going on with me and others don't..... but, I like to be honest when I post ...

Anyway, here goes .... just hope that the post makes sense, as it's getting very late ..... :wink:

I've been diagnosed as having pulsatile tinnitus with a high frequency component which can be a pre-cursor to having another SAH/stroke ..... this happens in my left ear and is now on a daily basis (which isn't the same side of my original coiled aneurysm) ..... my GP referred me to a Neuro Consultant at my local hospital ..... I wasn't too worried about it and kind of dismissed it, as have come to terms with all of the "blips" that I get in my head... and have told myself that all will be ok .... I was surprised that they followed it up, to be honest with you.

However, when I went for the tests with my eyesight and reflexes etc ...... the lovely neuro consultant told me, that myself and my brain had done a good job on trying to correct my eyesight/balance etc .... as even when he was doing the tests with my eyes, I was willing to see single vision, even though I could still see double ... close up that is....and could see a shadow of the double image .... it's only when I really had to concentrate that I realised, that not much had changed with my eyesight, since the SAH and that was confirmed by the tests carried out.

It was a bit of a shock in one sense, but it confirmed to me, that the brain is willing to adapt and even though the physical symptoms are all still there ....the brain somehow, is learning to re-train or re-wire itself, over time and that we can adapt..... i shall be 4 years on, in July.

I'm now waiting to hear back from my Neuro Consultant at Wessex Neuro, as to when I will have another scan ... which wasn't originally due until 2010 and although it was a bit of a shock for a week or so, I've kind of got used to it...

I'm not sure how things will pan out ..... but know, that the brain seems to be able to adapt and yes, it might be an extremely slow process with it's twists and turns, but given time and doing what you can do, at your own pace, your brain can learn not to "freak out" ..... and will learn to cope.

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Hi Karen hope everything turns out ok for you I sometimes hear my heartbeat in my ear and it can be ear infections cause pulsatile tinnitus as well so try not to worry they will sort it out for you. Jess.xxx

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Hi Karen

Hope it all works out for you. It really gave me food for thought though because for weeks before my SAH I had been complaining about pulsating in my ear and kept saying that it felt as though my head needed to explode through my ear (very basic language I know!)

I had no idea till I read your entry that the two things were even related! I have never been asked at any point about the time leading up to my SAH. It all seems obvious now in retrospect but I had never linked the two. Thank you for that insight


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Hi Ann and hope that you are keeping well...

Like you, I never knew that the two were linked ......

I'm due to see my GP next week, to discuss the letter from the Neuro Consultant at my local hospital..... still haven't heard anything from Wessex Neuro..... It's taken me a few weeks to come to terms with things or should I say, starting to re-build the bricks that I had built up and that were knocked down again.

Think that the mental issues are just as bad as the physical ones ...

But, would definetly advise anybody, that has a pulsing/whooshing, sound in their ear, to mention it to their GP and get some advice.

I now have it in the left ear, which is the opposite side of the original aneurysm ...... so, I'm now left wondering, if, I have another aneurysm on the left side.

I also had this pulsing, before the SAH and when my head blew, I had a change of frequency in my ears and that was it....

Will keep you posted as to how things go.....

Thanks Jess and Ann ...xx

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your building bricks havent been knocked down just dislodged a little and all you need to do is just religin them i hope your appt for wessex comes through soon just to give you peace of mind and hopfully your gp can put your mind to rest and push for appt to be pulled forwards i really wish you well and im learning so much here as well take care hugs and cuddles

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Not to be a harbinger of doom but both my parents ended up having a Carotid endarterectomy. This is where they clean out the carotid arteries in the neck of the build up of plaque

They also scanned me for for this which i believe is one of the routine xrays that they do after stroke.

It was the mention of the pulsating in the ears that led my father to have this checked out. He was in his late 60's as was my mum when he had the op. He had both sides done and mum just the right.

But obviously there are a variety of reasons for the pulsating noise and I am no doctor-just thought you'd like to know of one of the causes.

Hope it al gets sorted for you quickly Karen- the waiting is terrible

Luv n hugs

Lynn xxx

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Thanks Paul and Lynn for your kind words ....xx

I know that there are other reasons for pulsatile tinnitus and I'm okay about things now ..... a bit of a shock at first, when I saw the Consultants letter and everything written down in black and white ... but would rather have the truth.

Will let you know how things go.....

Love K xx

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Karen I am sure you will be ok don't fret to much as I find that if I lie there thinking about hearing bangs and things in my head I often do hear them if you see what I mean :lol: hope it goes ok for you. Jess.xxx

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Hello to the lovely Perry and Jess,

Jess, thank you for the link...xx

Don't worry about me ..... I was freaked out at first and like a looney, went out into the back garden and had a damned good cry or even a scream to be honest .... I don't bottle anything up and my neighbours would probably be the first to tell you that!

I had a good week of coming to terms with it and I was very quiet, but that's me, but I'm okay now and starting to re-build the bricks, that were knocked down.

I just take each day as it comes, try to stay motivated and keep myself busy .... I'm certainly no Saint and no, it's not been an easy time and my language at the moment, can be bluer than blue! .... but, I'm doing okay....:) Will wait and see if my GP tells me different next week, especially when he holds my hand.... which he always does.... and tends to set me off!

Love K xx

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Hi Karen, I hope all is well with you and I totally understand the feeling of being knocked back! I was told at my last neuro appointment that my coils have compacted a bit and I will have to be monitored for the next five years. Although I know that I am being checked and that probably all will be well, my mental state has gone into a rapid decline and all the feelings I had soon after my SAH ( basically fear, anxiety etc) have come back with a vengeance. It is now 3 weeks since the news and I am gradually feeling better, but have realised how fragile my feeling of wellbeing was. So back to see the counsellor and keeping active and trying not to dwell on things.

I wish I could cry, haven't cried since my SAH nearly 2 years ago

Vivien x

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Hi Vivien,

I know how you're feeling and yes, the anxiety and everything else does kick back in, when you're told that things aren't completely fixed .....you have my total sympathy. I think that we all walk a fragile line when something like this has happened to us. I was told that my coils had compacted by the SAH nurse, but when I got a copy of the coiling procedure on DVD, I could see, that the neck hadn't been coiled during the op or perhaps it couldn't be, as the annie was a difficult shape.

I kind of learnt to live with that for the last couple of years, but was definetly knocked back again, when I received the latest news .... and it's taken time to come to start to come to terms with it ... I'm due to see my GP tomorrow, to ask the questions that were in the letter from my local Neuro consultant (Poole) and trying to put some pressure on my Neuro Consultant (Wessex) .... as to whether they're going to scan me again or what ... I find it all, very frustrating and considering that the original referal from my GP was on the 23rd Jan .... and the letter sent from my local Neuro Consultant at Poole on 13th March to the Neuro Consultant at Wessex..... which is well over a month ago and still no news.

Do I feel stressed .... then, yes I probably do ..... I think that mental health plays a huge part with trying to deal with this and I really do know, what you're going through.

Sending a big hug to you Vivien ....

Lots of love Karen x

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