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Hi from Paolo


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Hi everyone. My name is Paola and I am 9 months post an unexpected SAH which was followed by a stroke affecting my right side and leaving me with double vision. 


 I spent a week in ICU, several weeks in a recovery floor and then several weeks on a rehab floor in the hospital - in total, 6 weeks. Learning how to walk again, feed myself and simply just learning to do simple tasks like brushing my teeth. 


Fast forward to today, I am 85% back, working, driving and just so grateful for my recovery and really... just to be alive. Like many have said, now that I am at a point or regaining some sort of control of my life I am plagued by moments full of concern about a re-bleed.


I am very glad to have found this forum; it is comforting to share the fears and successes and express emotions with people who just get it and also to be able to read encouraging data supporting the unlikelihood of it happening again.  Thanks!

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Hello Paola .... and a very warm welcome to BTG.  You are right .... here you are in good company and you will find great help, support and reassurance as you read the recovery journeys of our members and discover their wllingness to help you with any questions you may have.


You certainly were dealt a harsh blow nine months ago firstly with the SAH and then to suffer a debilitating stroke. You have done so well to regain what you feel is 85% of where you used to be. 


SAH recovery is still a lengthy process depending on the extent of the brain damage caused by the bleed. The majority of survivors discover that they are aflicted by headaches, tiredness and frustration. The latter being that you want to return to the 100% you were before, but in different ways, you know that life and emotions have changed considerably.

Returning to work, and managing the usual housework is often a big challenge going forward.


The anxiety of possibly having a rebleed is often felt by our members, however the facts borne out even by this forum members, is that it is very rare indeed.  Hopefully over time this will become something that finds it`s way to the back of your mind.  Often your immediate relatives are even more worried about a rebleed than you are yourself. 


I do hope you have family and friends who have supported you along the way so far. 


Please don`t hesitate to ask any questions of our members and we wish you well as you continue your SAH journey.





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Hi there


warm welcome to the site glad that you have found us.


I think everyone feels that concerns about re-bleed as time passes that feeling should lessen it did with me...

Yep 'we do get-it'


take care

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Hi Paolo,

Welcome to BTG, so sorry to hear that you suffered SAH and a stroke,  you have come to a great place for support, advice and friendship. We all get it because we have been through it and although we can't give medical advice, we can share with you our stories of our recovery journey.


I also had SAH and a stroke, my stroke came 6 months after my bleed, they were not sure if the 2 were connected, my stroke also affected my right side, I was fortunate only to be left with some numbness on the inside of my right foot and I still have slight weakness in my arm and leg but nothing that I can't cope with.


It is good to hear that you are recovering well. Still take care as fatigue can be an after affect of SAH, drinking plenty of water and resting when you are feeling tired will really help.


The fear or concern of having a rebleed is quite normal, I don't think any of us here have not had that worry, as Louise said, as time goes on it does become less of a concern. 


It is sometimes just nice to have somewhere to come and off load your worries and fears with people who have an understanding of what you are feeling, I will be 6 years since my SAH in June and I can honestly say that this site has been my saviour, everyone is very welcoming and friendly, it's like having a second family. 


I wish you well as you continue along your recovery journey.


Michelle xx 

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Hi Paola,


Welcome to BTG...I am so happy you found us.  I remember how happy I was to find a place with people who understand.  I am so sorry reading about what happened to you.


I understand your concern about a re-bleed.  I worried about it a lot when I had my SAH and Vasospasm.  Although the doctors seemed so sure telling me it is not likely to happen again....I have found time has helped lessen my fear.  I found the further I went from my event the better I felt and I worried less.  


I just passed 3 years, don't get me wrong, I am not totally worry free...but I am so much better.  


You have made remarkable progress in 9 months.  85% wow that is so good...


I send you good wishes as you continue your recovery.


xx Jean

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