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Just passed one year anniversary


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July 24 was the date. One year on and throughout that day I kept reliving what happened a year ago over and over. 

Pleased to say my balance is improving but still a bit iffy. My short term memory is still a bit frustrating. Still can’t remember dreams but I get tiny flashes of dreams that last for a minute or so after I wake up. I guess new pathways are slowly beginning to work which is amazing. 

Woken tonight by a sharp pain behind my ear which is odd and giving me cause for concern so I’m hoping it’s nothing going wrong. I do try not to live in fear of recurrence or shifting coils but  it’s always there isn’t it? 

Hope everyone is well and staying clear of COVID-19. 

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Congratulations Sally on your one year anniversary.


Really good to hear your balance is improving and new pathways slowly beginning to work :) 

If worried about the sharp pain get it checked out for reassurance and peace of mind.

It is hard in the early stages not to panic or worry of things happening again.


Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Stay safe and take care


Tina xx

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Hello and also well done 12 months post SAH.


Thankyou for sharing.  The first year is so challenging as you try and make sense of all that has happened to you following your brain trauma. Discovering and dealing with all that confronts you is daunting and you are not alone as you feel nervous about a recurrence of your bleed. Please take heart from the facts that this is very rare. Time will help you begin to put this to the back of your mind.


Wishing you well as you face another year and hopefully progress in recovery journey. 




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Hi there,


Many congratulations on reaching this anniversary!


Your logic is that "it's always there, isn't it?"  Well so is the chance of getting knocked over by a bus every time you cross the road, or hit by lightning next time it thunders.  Yes, it's there, but so are a hundred and one other risks. Don't let it dominate you!  Live each moment to the full and enjoy it.


You will have your down moments, of course you will, but try to have more up than down.  As Subs says, it is very rare and progress is in front of you, not behind, so grab it with both hands.


Onwards and upwards, we are survivors - as are you!  Try to look on the positive side, grab your second chance at life.  Re-living events is a natural way of learning how to handle the future. You have a birthday every year and maybe don't notice the difference in yourself from year to year.


However, if I said to you look at some photos of you from ten years ago, you would think about the journey you have been on - the fashions of the day, your hair styles, the car you used to drive and you will see the change compared with today.


You've just started a new journey - post SAH - and it's only one year on.  In ten years - or even five -you will notice big changes in the way you started and the way you are when you reach 'five.'  You will have adapted, your brain will have re-wired some or even most of the damage maybe - but the important thing is - you will have advanced, made progress.  Wow! What a thing to look forward to.


I hope that puts a positive spin on things for you.  It isn't the rate of progress, or the speed at which you make progress compared to others, - it is the fact that it is YOUR journey, and that you do make progress.  Life isn't necessarily always easy, but it is up to us all to make the most of what we've got by doing the best we can.


My Mum used to say to me that if I came last in a race it didn't matter, as long as I had done my best - and she would still be proud of me. I still live by that legacy to this day.


Congratulations once again!


Best wishes



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