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Any advice gratefullly received!

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I'm now 14 months post SAH and really fed up with the numbness/weakness in my legs and feet! I can cope with all the other things like deafness, memory etc but get so frustrated with my legs and feet! does anyone have any advice? alternative remedies? perhaps ideas? have got a follow up appt with consultant in Nov.



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Hi Caroline,

I know how you're feeling.....

The loss of strength in my legs has been an issue for me too. I ended up having to go for physio at the local hospital, who then referred me on to the local gym to improve my core strength. A balance ball or swiss ball is pretty good to use and quite gentle exercise. I was also told that Pilates was ideal too.....but never tried it.

Most days it felt as though my legs just didn't want to move and I had to really "think" about putting one foot in front of the other, especially when going out. I didn't think that the situation would ever improve, but I have certainly noticed some v.good improvement this year.

I did have some paralysis on my left side during the bleed, which according to the physio was part of the cause and had left the left leg weak. I would also keep veering to the right when walking and was told that was normal.

I don't think that I'm of much help really, but I thought that I would never improve, but have. It's just taken an extremely long time, but shows that you can still experience a decent amount of recovery, many years later.

Keep your chin up Caroline and go get as much help as you need.....I'm sure that you will get there....

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Caroline, that must be awful, do you swim at all? That is excellent for strengthening muscle without weight bearing or veering out of control:lol: Maybe a chat with your GP would short circuit the system as he/she could refer you for Physio and I bet that is what your consultant will do in November, (See if you can get in there first. Karens balance ball woould be good too, you can even rest your legs on that ( like a footstool) whilst watching TV or reading etc:-D I do hope it sorts for you soon

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Hi Caroline

My left leg was really weak and achey in the first year or so but once I started going to the gym it seems to have strenghthened it. Only gets reall bad now if I do too much walking or allow myself to become really overtired but then its all my limbs that feel like lead.

Janet x

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Hello Caroline

I too am having problems with my legs one day they are ok then another just feel like they dont want to move x x x

I am joining the gym but am really nervous about my strength in my legs (It doesnt help that I am over weight) but all I can do is try x x x

It is going to be the Heanor leisure centre I join and I am more than happy if you ever want to come along x x (let me know)

It is really hard and it does get us down but we will get there eventually hun Just one day at a time hey x x x x x

love donna

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I go to the gym and manage fairly well. The trainer's concern was that due to balance problems I wouldn't be able to access the equipment safely. I cope by assessing how I am going to get on it safely and have now got it down to a "t". I haven't lost any weight though over 20 sessions but my body is fitter in spite of having heart problems as well.

My trainer says that it is better to have an overweight fitter body than to be slim and unfit.

You can only try it, but don't expect miracles. Any benefit will become apparent over time.

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caroline have you tried the rice bag over the affected foot put about 2kgs in a sock or stocking or tight and drape it over the foot and as your sitting in a chair try lifting the foot most affected and do leg lifts start with ten and work up every day when you find it easier add a bit more weight and progress slowly otherwise that leg would end up stronger than the other so work both together hope you dont mind me adding to the list of things to do take care

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