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Afraid to go for follow up Angiogram

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Hi! I'm writing from NY and I'm scheduled to go for my follow-up angiogram.  I had a mild SAH and they have not found any cause. I was in Intensive Care for 10 days, and have been home since to late December. I did have an emergency angiogram at the hospital, but now he wants to just be sure that there is no aneurysm showing up and check that all is ok.


I am worried and my head keeps going to the possibility of a complication, like they say you can have a stroke. Last time all was fine but a small leak in my groin. I have been feeling really well. Headaches and burning in my head and neck starting to really subside.


Does anyone have any advice for fear in going to a follow up angiogram? I know the stats are small of major complication but I'm still really afraid thinking do I really need this and if I do that's fine but what if I'm fine now and come out with something wrong? I trust my neurosurgeon, so that is a comfort of sorts to me.


We are having a major snowstorm and I don't know if I'll even be able to get there!

Thanks so much.



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I’m in a very similar boat. Mine is scheduled for next week but I’m still on the fence about going. I’m finally starting to feel almost back to completely normal and have never had any residual headaches, etc.  


All of my recovery issues have resolved, and were unfortunately attributed to nerve damage/inflammation in my groin from my first angiogram. I’m afraid the procedure will cause a problem where there is absolutely none at this point.  I don’t know that something as simple as a sedative is going to calm my anxiety about this. 

I had honestly planned to never go through with it, until my neurosurgeon created some doubt in my mind by saying he wouldn’t clear me for weightlifting without one. I’m sure it’s in part for liability and in part concern for a previously undetected aneurysm. I did have a follow up CT that was clear. I had two CTs, two MRIs, and one cerebral angiogram while hospitalised that showed no sign of an aneurysm. 

I’m still going to the gym but am now afraid to increase my weight back to previous levels for any workouts for fear of causing another bleed. I’m undecided on which situation I’m more afraid of at this point I guess.  I haven’t really been able to find much info online about recovery experiences like mine to help me out.

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I remember my follow up.  I was not as anxious as I understood it to be just a better look at what they had seen before, but with a better view now that the blood had cleared.  I suggest you look at it this way, you will either get the good news that they still don't see any problems, or you will idenify any problems and get the help you need before it can harm you again.  Hopefully, you will get the former of the two, but both are better than not knowing.


Best wishes!



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I was really nervous too and understand why you might wish to delay or avoid completely. But like Chris I felt it was a good milestone opportunity, like it would indicate if I was in good shape and on the right path, 

yes there’s risk as with all procedures but you are surrounded by folk who know exactly what to do.


One thing I remember vividly is I got sent the link as a joke from a friend to the hair remover for men reviews and my MIL read them to me afterwards in my ‘lie flat for six hours’ phase. We cried with laughter I felt I was going to do some damage. 

So it’s ok to worry, feel nervous, acknowledge all that and that you’d prefer not to but do it anyway. Get a sedative yes, but get reassurance you are doing well, it’s a gold standard check, nothing else comes close. 

PS the same link I got sent...do not recommend as a post angiogram  read or if you are easily offended then DO NOT read it , it’s very rude  ! But that good reminder for that all important tidy up before procedure https://www.amazon.com/Veet-Hair-Removal-Creme-200ml/product-reviews/B000KKNQBK

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In the UK some of us do and some of us don't get called back for a follow up angiogram. In some ways I wish I had, because I feel like it would put my mind at rest that nothing else had developed since I had my bleed. Go for it, take/ask for a sedative and maybe it will give you greater peace of mind afterwards x

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I can understand the trepidation you feel. I could only remember parts of the first one I had. The morphine had well and truly kicked in by then. It was important to have this follow up though. The risk is minuscule and it was cool in the sense that it looked like a snake had bit me on my right femoral.


It was important, they were able to diagnose my vasospasm (not an issue for you) and they also found my cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (not an issue for you either I suspect). DSA is the gold standard, you’ll be fine and it will give you peace of mind when they confirm it’s non-aneurysmal. 


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