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What is Post Stroke Fatigue?

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Good morning, I hope everyone is feeling well, its sunny outside in the UK for a change,  we are all happy to be alive...


Genuine question in need of explanation please..


What are Post Stroke Fatigue or the actual Post stroke recovery pains and what could be something else that needs investigating 


I suffered my SAH at the end of January, I was told I would suffer lower back pain as the blood dispersed but never did...


I am vastly weaker physically than I was for sure and have the energy levels of a 300 year old which has presented in my evenings being uncomfortable rather than painful after a day of doing very little.. 


Then a month ago I had to move house and the old me kicked in and my fiancé and I did the move ourselves, packing renting and driving vans unpacking the whole thing and although I was tired we got through it..


Then trying to settle I decided 3 weeks ago to buy a greenhouse on ebay, it was an incredible deal but 2 hour drive to dismantle it so I booked a van and off we went at 7am


A strenuous 14 hour day plus 4 hours driving and a greenhouse in peices is in our new garden 


Since then, I feel like I went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson... I hurt everywhere from my toes to my nose.. aches, pains sore and it will not go away... it has lessened a bit in 3 weeks but I am still feeling quite broken and don't know what to do with myself...


I had always been very physically fit and strong with incredible recovery powers... 


Is this Post stroke fatigue..?? Did I just break all the rules and advice I am reading on this forum of being good to myself...


Is this the way my body will behave if I push too hard.. for the first time in my life I feel my age and its really depressing me


My doctor admitted she knows very little about SAH and the recovery process, she has called me in for blood tests on Monday so see if I have infections or viral markers..


I have increased my fluid intake and have done next to nothing in 3 weeks, the greenhouse is still in pieces in the garden like it's mocking me for being weak


Should every part of me hurt after 3 weeks.. apart from not having major headaches I feel worse than when I left hospital 3 months ago...


Any advice or thoughts on what I have done to myself or what help I should be seeking please let me know...


I am desperate to do things without being busy or being able to self medicate with "herb" I am driving myself and everyone around me nuts.. 


The one positive if it is a positive is I stopped smoking herb after 30 years of heavy use in a heartbeat... the day my SAH happened was it... so I do wonder if I am suffering other kinds of withdrawal...


All ideas and opinions welcome, as said at the beginning the Sun has come out and I want to go out and play, not just sit around like a lump complaining of my aches and pains, that is not who I was or who I want to be...


If its sunny where you are I hope you can enjoy your day and the weekend coming.. 


D x 

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Hi there Daniel


We cannot give medical advice or give answers to "What are Post Stroke Fatigue or the actual Post stroke recovery pains and what could be something else that needs investigating" as we are all different and would all go through this in different ways.  The only advice I can give is, speak to your Gp and see if they can refer you to a specialist to discuss - or if you're due a follow up appointment with your Neurologist, ask them


At the moment it certainly does sound like you have far too much, far too quickly and yes, you are now paying the price.  You need to treat this as if you have broken a limb, because you've actually got an injury to something far more powerful and something that does not ever rest and now it's telling you it's not happy.


Read this and it might go a little way to help you, and your family, what you are going through at the moment - its very much an invisible illness but it's very real!




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Hi Daniel

As Sami says it sounds like you have done too much. Period.


Post SAH either with or without aneurysm the recovery is slow, slow, slow :( 


I was a very high functioning, fit individual pre SAH. Post, I am still fit having got back to running (what I was doing when it happened) and back to work, but by no means at the level I was. I work half the hours and am still floored at the end of the week. My bleed was 6 long years ago and I have gone through many changes since, mainly due to my resistance to change. 


If you push too hard your body, and brain, will misbehave causing you all sorts of problems. It's a hard lesson to learn but eventually you will get the message!


My advice is take your time. Consider each strenuous activity and decide is it worth the pain after? Most importantly, be kind - to yourself!


Be good to hear more from you


Clare xx

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Thank you for your replies and kind words..


Like you said also Claire I was,  and I hate the phrase as it sounds conceited but it is based on 49yrs of life....very high functioning both mentally and physically...I thought I was Peter Pan who never aged past 15.. played tennis at a high level could do 16 + hour days of hard physical work long after my younger staff had fallen away... survived on 3-4 hours sleep and for fun trade cryptocurrencies and forex balancing exchange rates in my head as I enjoyed mental gymnastics..


I am finding the new me to be a shadow of my former self and I am frustrated, bored and quite lost... I can't face physical tasks nor the mental games I did before which then brings my mood down..


All I want to do is rebuild and out up a greenhouse something I woukd have tackled in a day yet it has mocked me for 3 weeks from the garden...


I have never been a believer in therapy but am considering some kind of help which is why I hope this group of far more experienced SAH survivors is a great step forward...


With the rubbish weather  a lazy weekend ahead which I am actually frightened of, watching the clock slowly creep by... 


Again thank you for your advice so far I will go and annoy my cat and fiancé for a while:)

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Try meditation. It will relaxes your mind. There is Imc uk there and you can find Joseph Goldstein tapes online I believe. It might be fraustrating to keep the mind focused at one point but you will see it relaxes the body and mind tremendously. We are not allowed to give you medical advice but  you will find that many threads are helpful to you. Good luck.

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