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Hello Folks

I just discovered your site Last night (early hours this morning).

I had my SAH in November needed a shunt, then aneurysm coiled. I'm doing great but still v tired and emotional. I was v blessed as apparently the only side effect is I'll have the memory of a 40 yr old!! I still have the shunt. First follow up next week.

Memory a lot better now I was like that fish in finding Nemo (if you've seen it) Still have the odd out burst. But its def a lot better.

I look forward to browsing the boards.

Hope you are all well.

Happy New Year


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Hello and welcome to the "family"

You will find a lot of support and friendship here. Just chip in any time with any questions. There are a lot of people here with many different experiences who will gladly help if they can. Memory can be an issue for anyone over 40, SAH or not! :lol:

Happy new year


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Hey there Slim

Fancy sharing your story with us? How old are you by the way?

We're all pretty cool on here - we're one big happy virtual family. Its the best thing I ever found from surfing the net I can tell you.

Speak soon

Sami xx

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Story pretty much happened as above. I'm 31 been married for a year! not what my poor hubbie needed.

I had already been off work for 6weeks previously. I had been feeling fine maybe abit tired then I had a big explosion in my head (worse pain I've ever felt) and was sick, admitted to hospital scanned but they couldn't find anything and so I was sent home the next day. They suggested it was a severe migraine. I was still quite sick but then by the end of the 6 weeks I was feeling alot better. Just very tired and emotional. My GP queried depression, as did I if I'm honest.

I'd been back to work on the Monday, did v little bar buy tickets to dolly parton and lots of unrelated work stuff thinking i would just ease myself in gently.

I went to a meeting on the Tuesday 10am I was late and rushing, When I arrived my neck went very stiff NO big headache this time. I started crying (didn't feel like crying It just happened). I have rosy cheeks (with the rushing) , think the staff thought I was having a heart attack!! I felt sick again this time and they got me an ambulance (I was mortified)!! I remember nothing from about 12 noon for the following week. I thought I had no big headache this time but hubbie says I was roaring with pain and throwing up. None of this I remember. maybe just as well!!

i vaguely remember edinburgh. where I went for coiling, (I thought I was in Australia)!!

The funny thing was when I went back to Aberdeen one of the nurses who had been looking after me in HDU came to say hello. I have no recollection of her but I recognised the voice straight away. Isn't that bizzare??

Thankfully I've been v lucky. The only lasting damage is that my brain has aged about 10 years and I'll have the shunt. At the moment I'm still v tired and tempermental, I'm normally placid but I've been very crabid. No thoughts were safe, all my friends kept encouraging me to say what I was thinking as they thought it was hilarious! I still grasp for the odd word and need to write things down. But its early days yets. I have my first follow up on Friday.

anyway its great to hear everyone else's stories glad you are all doing well.

Aine xox

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Hi Aine, (Lovely name, by the way!)

Thanks for relaying the background to your SAH. Hope that you didn't mind, but it helps when we talk to each other. I notice that you come from Scotland, the same as Louise, who's a much valued regular on the board.

You're very young to have experienced this, however, recovery when you're younger seems to be pretty good from what I've read. I was about 38 when I had a "warning" bleed and it took me about a year to fully get over it. My story is on the website. Due to mis-diagnosis, similar to you own, I went on to experience another SAH in 2005 and 18 months on, I'm still in "recovery" as such and I have some remaining problems such as balance, dizziness and eyesight problems.

I also can get pretty crabby when I'm tired, it's a lot to deal with at times, especially when your brain and body have had enough......I expect that the other guy's on the board would say the same.

It's funny saying that you thought you were in Australia during your hospital spell......at one point, I thought that the Nurses were Air Hostesses, weird how the brain works!

My brain also played up, when I was trying to find the right word to say and my short term memory is still pretty bad, but it has improved over time. Sometimes I would say stuff that just didn't come out right. Even now, when I get really tired, I can still struggle with it. Think that you sort of learn to live with it and recognise that tiredness is normally the trigger. Anyway, I've spent a small fortune on "post-it" notes, as it's the only way that I tend to remember stuff!

How did you find this site?

Catch you later,

Love Karen x

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Hey, Hey Edinburgh eh! was it the Western General? I was there & would be nice if Edinburgh was in Australia be a lot warmer!!!....

My Weird thing wasn't thinking I was in a different country I thought my Auntie was in the next room I kept taking my visitors into say Hello, it was the meds I was on that did it.

I dont remember 5 weeks that I was in hospital, but hey who wants to remember what happened - I dont for sure...

When I went to the Outpatient's my husband Ronnie would be saying Hello to this one & that one I'd say who's that the nurse from the Constant Care ward - why dont I remember her I'd ask, but the voice is so familiar weird......

Oh yes post-it notes very handy little things or maganets on the fridge with bills that are to be paid, whatever works for you....

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Hi there, welcome to the site.

I remember the roaring and the pain - don't wanna go there again.

I'd been suffering from headaches for about a year before my SAH and i still firmly believe that there is a link despite what the so called experts say!!

I don't have any outward showing results from my SAH, just emotional issues and this sort of thing can change your personality. I used to be quite hot headed and stubborn etc now I find I cry at the drop of a hat and don't lose my temper so quickly - apart from when I've a headache. The problem with this illness is that people see you up and about and think that you're fixed - they don't realise that inside you're still broken and will take a fairly long time to mend again.

And I have a question - why Australia? There have been a couple of you know (or three) that had thought they were in Australia. I only 'lost' two days of my life where I remember nothing at all and can still remember the name of the nurse who looked after me on the HDU at Derriford, Plymouth. But the short term memory is a problem and I used to remember so much stuff that my husband had always joked about wanting to put me in his pocket and carry me around all day because I was so organised etc - now my mind feels like spaghetti in a washing machine!!!!

Anyway of to do a little work so I'll catch you later.

Sami xxx

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Hi and Welcome!

It's a funny weird world, this SAH thing. Sami I had the same thought as you... how FUNNY that more than one person thought they were in Australia!!! Maybe that's as far away as they can imagine?? And Karen, I have to wonder if your "flight" was headed there too! haha

We're here for you Slim. Take care,


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Hey Annie

Looking out of the window right now I know I'd rather be in Australia - if it wasn't for all th creepy crawlies :? In fact an old school friend of mine is a Head Teacher at a primary school out there now and I have family there too - but nope wouldn't like all the spiders and things - YUK!!

Anyway, ramble over :wink:

How you doing today Slim?

Laters Sami xxxx

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hello there before I 4got I found this site through a link from. http://www.brainhelp.co.uk.

How you all doing today?

I'm shattered must have been after all the carrying on on the computer yesterday. I'm away to get out of my PJ's and get a walk on the beach before the light goes.

When I say walk this usually means getting out of the car having a look at the sea going mmm its very cold and heading to Asda for a browse!

any way you all take care and spk to you soon


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Guest Denise

Hi Slim,

I am new here too. I found the site a few weeks ago. Had my SAH on Oct 25th. I live in NY, USA.

Glad your here, I was so happy to find this site.

Don't worry about having the memory or mind of a 40 year old, I've had mine for 6 years and until this SAH it was going pretty well.

Wow, to have the mind of a 40 year old and the body of a 30 year old, not too bad!

Hope to read more of your posts.

Take care


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Hello folks

sorry I haven't been on in a while! The beach is lovely here Annie but not the warmest!

Had my follow up with the consultant yesterday. Went well I suppose abit of an anticlimax don't know what I was expecting started doing the bawling in the consultants office. Its mortifiying.

Apparently I don't have a shunt its an access device! anyway its still a bump in my head! doing well peeled spuds for the first this week which I was chuffed with. now I'm aiming to have a shower and walk to the post office. Its blowing a gale here.

anyway all take care


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Hi there

Blowing a gale here too.

Glad your visit with the consultant went well yesterday the bawling in the consultant's off was mortifiying to you but more than likley quite normal for them I think its releif that does it...

Ah an access device I used to get annoyed at my pumps on the head the tube but hey if it works pumps 'N' all its fine by me...

Isn't it a good feeling when you achive something like that peeling spuds its the small achivements that got to me, things people take for granted I had to learn all over again.

Keep warm & take care


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Hi Aine,

Know what you mean about the emotional side.....I've often done that sort of thing as well............normally it's when I'm with the GP, who's very sympathetic towards me, too much so and it can easily set me off bawling as well! :lol:

You sound as though you're doing well.....it's all the little stuff such as the spud peeling that shows you're progressing.

Also fed up with the wind down south!

Take care, Love K x

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Gotta love those small victories!!! You just chuff away! It's cause for celebration.

Wow, your weather has been as unpredictable as ours. We keep going from spring weather to winter and back. As soon as I said I don't have your headache problems, I developed a monster one yesterday. Had to lie down with the ice pack. Haven't done that In ages. I'm thinking it's probably sinus.



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Hi Aine

Congrats with first visit over and with spuds! Got my first visit in a couple of weeks, will let you know if I do the leaky-eyed thing. Guess it's a strain; I know it's already playing on my mind.

Annie - whereabouts in the US are you?

Sarah x

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