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mobility problems

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Hi as some of you may know Merrill my wife had her sah back in march this year a coiling a clipping and then a shunt fitted, her problems are now short term memory fatigue and mobility,still has a bit of confabulation and confusion she's very wobbly on her feet, the doc at rehab hosp said to her i'm not promising i can make you better but i do promise i'll teach you to live with it, O/t and physio both talk as though the mobility probs will probably be long term, are there many of you who suffered long term mobility problems Thanks for your help Rod

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Hi Rod,

It's taken me about 4 years to get my mobility back, to a reasonable level and it's still not 100% ..... I came out of hospital in a wheelchair.... had dizzy/balance/sight problems and my walking was all over the place....I often felt drunk and walked like a toddler.... it has got a lot better and would recommend anybody that has mobility probs to at least get a stick...which you can pick up from the Argos Catalogue...or contact your local social services for other equipment....

I view my mobility problems, probably a lot worse than the medics thought initially (which may or may not have been a good thing) .... but, saying that, I've never taken the easy option and have tried my best to make sure, that I've been able to achieve as much as I can....and at times, I've really taken myself out of my comfort zone...and it's made me feel absolutely awful.... but, I did it....

Merrill, is still very early days in terms of recovery and I was once quoted two years for recovery (which I didn't want to believe!) and for myself, I can say that it's been 3 years for half decent recovery and my 4th year has been even better .....

Maybe we do get used to living with it or the brain finds new pathways, but you do need to push yourself.... it's so easy to lose confidence in your own body and brain ..... Rod, Merrill is only about 6 months into recovery and it's very early days for her .... and she's been through a lot, but don't ever think that she won't be more mobile, as with time, who knows what can be achieved...? I doubt that the medics could answer that one....

I can only speak for myself, but I'm more mobile now, than I was 2 or 3 years ago...I can walk further, I can drive further ..... I'm still not back to pre-SAH days, but life is certainly better than it was when I was one year on...

Try to let Merrill do, as much as she's comfortable with ......

Good luck xx

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Hi Rod

I am over 3 years post coiling and need a walking stick to steady myself, admittingly I also have a spinal problem which has got worse since my aneurysm. I have a similar problem to Karen in that sometimes I look drunk and I don't even drink anymore (perhaps I should). Hopefully it will get better but if thats all I'm left with I'll put up with it in fact I've got quite a collection of sticks. Basically I need the stick to steady myself when standing still rather than for walking.

Hope everything works out OK for you both.



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I am 5+ years post SAH and still have severe balance problems and extreme dizziness. Like others I look as if I am drunk all the time.

I actually use a 3 wheeled walking frame if I go out. It is my little bit of independance. Before physio got me that I would go out with a stick and invariably end up falling over several time on one journey, sometimes into the road.

It is a good Job I bounce well. :lol:

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