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    Essex, UK
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    I love reading, I'm currently trying to make my way through all the classics, I'm also a massive fan of anything that's slightly surreal, think Douglas Adams, Jasper Fforde, Robert Rankin and Terry Pratchett.

    I'm also slightly obsessed with 18th Century French art just lately (don't ask).

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  1. Kay

    Collagen rich food

    O' Win you do make me smile. I find this topic really interesting and no doubt like everyone else immediately went off to do some research on it and found this article that gives a brief oversight of it http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/nutrients-needed-keep-arteries-veins-strong-5002.html
  2. Kay

    New Member - Charlotte

    I was originally taken to Basildon and then likewise transferred to Queens. They were fantastic at Queens, both times, especially my neuro team who were all absolutely amazing, I could not have asked for better (I do suspect everyone must think this about there own neurosurgeons though, it's hard not to). The nurses on the Sahara wards were also fantastic, I feel very lucky to have had such great care.
  3. Kay

    A sixteen year old's story

    I am so glad you are doing so well Sophie. You have clearly embraced the experience and come out with a hugely positive outlook on life, not an easy thing to do.
  4. Kay

    New Member - Charlotte

    Hi Charlotte, just wondering if that was Queens Hospital Romford? I too got rather overwhelmed after finding out the statistics, so your definitely not alone there. For me the anxiety has certainly eased over time thankfully. You are still very early on in the recovery process, so please don't be too harsh on yourself. I know you want to be proactive and that is great, just also try to allow your brain healing time, that may help a bit with the head pains.
  5. Kay

    My life after my stroke

    Hi Mark and welcome to BTG. I too am just over a year after my original haemorrhage. How are you finding things now, if you don't mind me asking.
  6. I still can't believe it's now been a whole year. At first I was a bit scared of this day, but it's really not been too bad, nothing scary or dramatic happened, it turned out just like every other day.
  7. Kay

    Kay - new member

    Thank you to everyone for all your understanding and encouragement. Hopefully this is just a glitch brought on by the upcoming anni-versary. Some sort of counselling I think might be a good idea at this point I really like the sound of that, I need to keep that in mind, very proactive. Something else I really need to do is make myself go out more. I did actually go out for lunch today with a friend, almost cancelled it but forced myself to go through with it, glad I did, despite the chilly weather. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who's freaked out a bit at this stage. I have an appointment with the neurosurgeon on March 19th and a long list of questions again, i'm hoping it will help me feel like this event is finally at an end, that it's completely over with now, absolute confirmation that there is no more aneurysm, no more surgery, just a 'go home and carry on recovering' would be nice.
  8. Kay

    Kay - new member

    Next week will be my 1 year anni-versary, which feels really strange, it feels too soon. I suspect this is mainly because of being in hospital over Christmas and new year so I feel like I haven't been out of hospital that long, I'm only just getting used to the fact that it's 2018. Things are only really now beginning to dawn on me, over the last week the thought keeps popping into my head that last year I almost died twice, it feels too big to deal with at the moment, but I really do need to start dealing with it. I need to start getting my life back on track, I feel it's time, but it's very scary. Sorry for the glum post but I felt I just needed to get that off my chest.
  9. I have finally got around to watching this video, I kept putting it off knowing it would probably be quite an emotional experience and it was, there were tears, but it was also very positive, I needed that at this moment.
  10. Kay

    Fourteen Years Later

    Thank you, that was a really lovely post to read, very uplifting. I haven't even reached my first anni'versary yet, but I do hope when I reach my 14th I can be just as positive as you about it all. Thanks
  11. Kay

    New member ..Kathleen

    Hi Kathleen and again welcome to BTG. There is a wealth of support and information on this site, so glad you managed to find it. If you need pain meds, make sure you get them, ignore what anyone else thinks about it, they haven't been through what you've just been through, they have no idea. I'm also just going to restate the staying hydrated, make sure you are drinking enough every day, this helped me enormously, I noticed if I forgot to drink anything one day, the next day would be awful, my head would hurt I wouldn't be able to concentrate and I'd be more tired than usual. We are always here to listen, so if you need to have a little rant to relieve some stress (I have done it enough times) then feel free to come on here and vent. Just remember you are not alone in this.
  12. Kay


    It's very hard at first. I remember I would start to do something and then have to stop about half an hour later, it can be frustrating, so in the end I self imposed a half an hour limit on anything I did. I could only listen to an audio book for half an hour and then I would have to change tasks or take a break. There is a topic on here that might interest you, it's called 'What hobbies/activities do you do and do you think it helps post SAH?' Might give you some suggestions. Hope it helps.
  13. Kay


    I turned 30 last year. We are relatively young to be suffering from strokes, but that also means we are better able to recover from such an event (I'm just passing on what my neurosurgeon told me). Just recover first, don't start thinking about work yet, there are so many stories on here of people going back to work to soon and regretting it. Please just make sure you are genuinely ready before taking that big step.
  14. Kay

    Kay - new member

    Scan done. We treated ourselves to a McDonald's on the way home, so we've just finished eating that, have not had a McDonald's in so long. Very tired now though. I think I've had the lights show every time, at least the ones I can remember.
  15. Kay

    Kay - new member

    Glad everything went well Tina. Mine isn't until 7:30. I think at this point I've had 7 angiograms now, it always sends my vision a bit funny ,I assume it's the result of the dye going through the veins in my eyes, I always have a pretty lights show as well.