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I have been having acupuncture at my local hospital for my jaw which was very stiff since my craniotomy and it is going really well but the physio decided to try it into my skull yesterday to try and bring back sensation to my head but i have been feeling really poorly since about 30 minutes after she did it. really dizzy, sick and a massive headache has anyone else had this treatment and have you had similar reaction

thanks all

best wishes carol x

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Sorry Caz but I have never had it certainly would not allow anyone to do it to my skull at all, it will get better on its own in time. If I was you I would go and see my gp and ask him. Jess.xxx

Hope your better today

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my query. i appreciate your comments. Went back to physio yesterday and she said accupuncture was still the best option for me and by te reaction i had means my body is very receptive to it but she understood i didnt want to feel that bad again and has agreed to just treat my jaw for a week or two but then she wants to ty again leavin the centre needle in my head out. fingers crossed all will be ok but not looking forward to it.

sorry not been in for a few days but been in torquay for weekend.

love t all

caz x

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Hi Caz

I had acupuncture from physio. I was a complete sceptic, thought it was a load of rubbish but went along with it. It was the best thing I ever did in the long run. Made me feel terrible for a couple of days afterwards, as she said it would, but then relief from neck pain for months. She put a needle in my hand which she sid was the pain point for my neck and I sobbed and sobbed for ages as the pain in my hand was so bad, all my emotions came pouring out. It was so odd and so unexpected, I felt really silly at the time.


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