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Becoming Clumsy

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Hi All

On 13th January 2010 it will be 4 years since my embolization but I appear to have collected a new side effect, just wondering if anybody else has experienced it.

I am referring to my increasing clumsiness. Over the last few weeks I tipped a whole cup of coffee over me and the floor in a local coffee house, then another day I went to town leaving the door of my bungalow wide open, I knocked over another cup of coffee in a friend's house and to cap it all last week I had a cold and was using a plastic inhaler full of boiling water and menthol which I proceeded to knock over scalding my chest, stomach and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. This resulted in going to my surgery and having the burn dressed the following day and being told I should have gone to hospital. I dread to think whats next.

Anybody else experiencing this problem??



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I have always been clumsy but much worse since my SAH. My coordination is "off". I often miss my mug when putting boiling water into it. I have learnt the hard way to keep my other hand away from the mug.

I really think you should see your GP as it is too easy to blame everything on the SAH, there could be an underlying problem because it has appeared so many years later.

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Hi John.....ouch ! :( you have been in the wars ! Hope you are ok.....i too am clumsy...but like Penny i have been from the start ...well since my SAH....i did have really bad tremors as well at the beginning.....these have more or less gone completely 2 years later....but come back if i get tired as does my clumsiness get worse. My coordination is bad as well.

I agree with Penny....go and get it checked out...just for piece of mind.

Take care and try and slow down when doing things.....i always zoom around or try to like before....and it doesn't always work :roll:

Love Tina xx

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Hello John,

I agree with the others, go get yourself checked! :)

But I find that if there is too much going on or I am tired then I get more clumsy and forgetful. Christmas is a busy time and I forgot loads of things ( where I put presents, if I had actually bought them, food and peoples names!) I also spilt a few drinks.

Vivien x

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