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Recent SAH need advice please

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Hey … so on Sunday evening my husband’s aneurysm bled causing a SAH … he underwent emergency coiling which secured the aneurysm… after surgery he went to ITC and came around with no lasting effects apart from the obvious headache due to the blood still in his head … so got started on nimobodim .. and went up to neuro ward ..


So on Wednesday  things went downhill fast … he was very drowsy and still in a lot of pain .. Thursday (today) he had no idea who I am very agitated confused .. another scan revealed nothing .. he had to be sedated and returned to ITC …


I’ve heard of vasospasm .. if this is the case .. sorry inbetween crying so much and trying to write .. is there a chance he will come back from this … any replies would be much appreciated… Thankyou.

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Hi Faith, welcome to BTG glad you found us so soon.


Hope we can give you some reassurance at this very stressful time. We are not medically trained and can't give you a definitive answer , the medical team dealing with your husband should be able to answer your questions.


Vasospasm is common post SAH which is why Nimodipine is given, hopefully this will work. Given that he has had a another scan that didn't reveal anything maybe it's just his brain saying it needs a rest. For the first 10 days post my bleed I was very confused, I remember very little of it but have been told I talked a lot of rubbish. I was also in pain a lot of the time which was managed by painkillers.


Have you got anyone else around who can support you? Whereabouts in the UK are you? Speak to the team treating your husband and ask the questions you need answering. Most neuro wards and staff are very supportive.


He's in the right place being treated by the right people. Hang in there and feel free to vent here on the site, there are always others who will be a shoulder to cry on. Please keep us posted, I will be thinking of you.


Clare xx

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Faith, welcome to BTG.


We are not medically trained so we are unable to give medical advice.

There are members on here who have had vasospasms and I hope somebody with more experience of them will pop in to answer you.


Until the doctors find out what has actually happened there is no point in guessing. Not really very supportive I know. I can imagine how worried and upset you are now, that is only natural, but you must look after yourself too.


It is only 4 days since his SAH and sadly nobody can predict the outcome. Talk to the doctors, they are the best ones to keep you informed.

Thinking of you both.


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Hi Faith,

I am so sorry for what you and your husband are going through.  I am glad you found this site, many wonderful people here.


So 5 years ago I had a SAH and was admitted to the hospital.  I was good after the original episode spending 3 days in the hospital, being discharged with headache concerns.  I was not given any medication to try to prevent having a Vasospasm. 


Two days later I had a Vasospasm.  I was alone and as you say it went downhill fast.  I was able to call for emergency help and don't remember anything for the next 12 hours...I remember very little of the next 5 days, in and out with searing head pain.  My husband was sure I wouldn't survive, but here I am.  


Faith, it is such a slam to your brain, it takes time for it all to settle down.  I know it is so devastating for the family.  All of us on this site have had brain bleeds or love someone  who has had a brain bleed.  We understand, we are here for you to vent.  My thoughts are with you tonight.  



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Dear Faith, our thoughts are with you,


As already stated, we cannot make medical analysis and I personally did not experience vasospasm with my aneurysm rupture.  I do recall my husband telling me that one of the neurologists on the floor told him to watch me constantly for any change at all that could signal vasospasm. 


Apparently, it is relatively common with SAH as the vessels in the brain are irritated by the blood and may constrict.  My advice would be to be present with your husband as much as possible to monitor his condition and question the doctors about anything that concerns you. 


Honestly, we are on so many medications following SAH, and the headaches are so bad, it is several days before we start to come around. I had one day where I asked my family repeatedly why I was in the hospital and did not remember the answer from one minute to the next.  I'm so sorry not to be more helpful and I do hope you have family/friends to lean on in this difficult time.


Prayers, Colleen

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