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Sensitivity and dizziness

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Hey … my husband had a SAH due to an aneurysm 3 weeks ago ..it was coiled and he spent a week in icu due to low sodium .. he’s been home a week now and he says his head is very sensitive when touched and he is often very dizzy … can anyone else relate please xxxx

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Hi Faith


Yes, I can completely relate.  I was also coiled but my head felt very delicate.  The dizziness was horrendous and just bending down left me feeling like I was going to faint.  Three weeks is very early in his recovery and this, it would seem, is perfectly normal. 


Make sure he rests as much as possible, sleeps when his body tells him to and that he drinks at least 2 litres of water throughout the day.  This helps the brain to function - I learned very early on that not drinking enough water and doing too much too soon completely wiped me out for days and the fatigue that hit was like hitting a brick wall.


Please read through the site and take a look at the various posts - you may find that some relate more to your husband than others.  All of our experiences, symptoms and recoveries very greatly, so please don't worry if you read something and think "oh that might happen" or "oh that hasn't happened" - it's the same as every pregnancy is different :-) 


Take care and make sure that you are looking after yourself too x

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Hello dear Faith,

Thankful your husband is home. Yes, dizzy and sensitive head as far as easily over stimulated by sounds, lights and movements around me were common those first few months after leaving the hospital.


I had to learn how to turn while walking without getting so dizzy. Rest and drinking lots of water daily and not pushing to do too much are important for recovery.


Later  PT, OT, and speech (more for mental deficits) rehabilitation helped me with movement, balance, thought process and relearning some math and comprehension skills.


I had to sleep with a large triangle elevation pillow for over a year. I would have headaches if I slept with my head more flat on a regular pillow. It is sort of a learn as you go recovery.


I found reading posts on BTG helped me so much to learn what to expect and provided encouragement and perspective from others who understand.


Take time for yourself as a caregiver and let others help. Meals provided from our local community of friends, family and place of worship were very helpful to our family. Keep us posted.

Blessings, Kathy (in Colorado) 

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