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6 months on...

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Hi all

I had my 6 month annie-versary today, so that's 6 months since I had my SAH, and 6 months since the company xmas do that I attended but missed! ... I can't believe it now feels like all that time has gone so quickly.

I am glad to be alive, glad to have found this site to help me through the good & the bad times, and glad to have met everyone on here! Thank you for all your help, advice and support! :thumbsup:

I had my hair cut today, and hadn't seen my hairdresser since Jan! Kept forgetting to make an appointment, and she was saying how much better I look now.

She then blow-dried my hair a little, and I could feel it getting a little hot on the top of my head, and all of a sudden I had to flinch away from the hairdryer and was frantically brushing my hands over the top of my head as it felt like my scalp was on fire!! She apologised and said that the hairdryer wasn't even hot but I would beg to differ as my head then felt like it was hot for about 2 hours afterwards!!!... not good...

She did say it must have been the metal plate in my head...??? not sure where she got that idea from, I did correct her (bless).

Does anyone else get that?

Had to have a little sleep this afternoon; and have been having little sleeps most days when I get in from work too. My body must need it...

Well, it is very late now! and I have a big day tomorrow! :D

Kel x

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Congratulations Kel on reaching your six month annie-versary, I have just passed mine it does feel strange. When you realise what has happened to you in that time you would not have believed it possible.

I think you have done tremendously well to return to work like you have done, I have not got there yet.

Like you I have been having little naps in the afternoon, I just feel exhausted and need to sleep.:roll:

Like you I feel strange on the top of my head, with me its after washing my hair and drying it with a towel. Its hard to describe. I worry about my VP Shunt and drain pipe. Crazy I know.

Unlike you its not my 38th Birthday today. That was many years ago, have a wonderful day, and a great party.:-P

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Well done Kel on reaching the six month mark. You have achieved a lot in that time - not sure if the tiredness ever leaves - I still have a nap at least 4 days a week at some point during the day and I am on month 19:roll:

Can't say I've experienced a hot head - do wonder sometimes how much I act as an aerial with all the coils in the old head:lol:

Enjoy the Madhatters tea party - hope someone will be taking a few pics for us to see later.


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Congratulations! Not sure about the hot head though!!

I, too, think you've done amazingly well to go back to work already. I'm 4 months post annie and I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about going back to work :( It's funny though: at first I was sure I'd be back there within weeks, but the more I do the more I realise I just can't do all that any more. At least not for the moment. I do do a bit of admin work for my lovely Consultant (private rather than NHS; I just take phone messages and pull notes for one clinic a week). It keeps my brain ticking over and on the ESA you can do "permitted work" for a few hours each weak - it used to be called "therapeutic work" which I think is a better term for it.

Have a great party!!

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