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contraception post SAH

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I know it's a very personal topic but I haven't been on the pill for years as we struggled to have Nathan but post SAH I need to take some form of birth control. The last time I was on the pill it didn't agree with me so was thinking of mirena coil but that has added hormones so wondered if anyone had used it post SAH & if so how did you get on with it?

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(sorry guys - look away now!!!)

Never looked back! Well, I had it put in under general anaesthetic about 3 years ago, after hesitating for a long time because people said you can bleed more at first. It took a while to settle but then I stopped bleeding completely which is wonderful. No periods. Yay!!

See what your doc says, but I love my Mirena x

PS the hormones are localised in the uterus so it's not like taking the pill in that respect

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Although not had SAH (partner has) I have had the mirena in for around 3 years now. For me it was for the dreaded menopause and all that comes with it.

I had it done in my Docs surgery and although uncomfortable having it done I would not hesitate to have it in again if I needed. Hopefully in two years I will not longer be in need :lol:

After the initial first few months havent looked back no more PMS or periods (Sorry gents)



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Hi Gill

I've had the Merina in place for about 6 years now - not had a period since. It should be changed every 5 years but hubby has "been done":crazy: so now I only use it to control periods - ie I don't have them and haven't had them since I had it put it in.

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After having really bad period pain this month I am now decided the coil is for me, I felt so rought yesterday (sick & sore) that i'm not letting it ruin anything ever again!

I've made the call & waiting for them to ring back with an appointment as there is a waiting list!!

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