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Hi all.

I am taking Amlodopine, perindopril and asperin every day since my SAH. I know all about the different side effects from amlodopine but this dry cough I get makes my brain feel like it is rattling inside my head. Just wondering if anyone else experienced that.

Also, apparently we are prone to getting colds and flu (I have a runny nose right now) but cannot take any cold relief medicine (something to do with blood clotting agents) so does anybody know what we are allowed to take when we get the man-flu.

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Hi Kelvin,

I would pop into the Chemist (or your Wife) and speak to the Pharmacist, as they should be able to advise you as to what you're able to take with the meds that you're on, plus tell them about the SAH. They're normally pretty good and will know what interacts with the medication that you're presently taking.

I've never taken any cold or flu medications, so can't really help and only take Paracetamol to lower the temperature or sometimes combine one Para with Ibuprofen for any inflammation ... I'm not on any blood thinners and when you're taking cold remedies, especially quite soon after the brain haem, then it's something that you really need to speak to the Pharmacist about.

Good luck and hope that you're feeling better soon. xx

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Hi Kelvin

I was put on Amlodopine last year to reduce my BP but changed it after 2 weeks as it made me feel so rough! Am now on Bendroflumethiazide and have been for over a year now, apart from the 21 days of Nimodipine following my coiling op.

Also tried Perindopril before the Amlodipine and that gave me a dry cough too! :crazy:

Although I am currently developing a dry cough following the snottiness of a head cold all weekend... not good, it's giving me a headache...

And I was taking lemsip over the weekend before I realised that I shouldn't :oops: and took a dose of Covonia sunday eve...then realised I can't have that either... grrrr, paracetamol just doesn't quite hit the spot like a steaming mug of lemsip (a hug in a mug styley! ;) )

Kel x

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Hiya, I take Amlodipine for high BP is that the same? if so you can ask at the pharmicy but I know that all the over the counter meds for colds are a no-no for me because of the BP meds, I take a teaspoon of honey for the tickly caugh...

Hey Kel, I also take Bendroflumethiazide & No you shouldnt have had that.....

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My immune system has taken a bit of a beating this year. I've had 'man flu' on three occasions. I refuse to call it the common cold(!)

My remedies were good old fashioned paracetamol and vitamin C, (which is what a Lemsip is, basically.)

For comfort, I'd make my own drink, mixing a dollop of honey with boiling water, topped off with a massive wedge of lemon.

I also find that moaning incessantly helps(!)

On a more serious note, colds are miserable affairs even when a person is healthy. To have a cold post SAH really knocks you sideways because your foundation is weak to start with; so you undoubtedly feel the dip more.

Hope you're better soon,


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Kelvz Yes I find that it does work,

having oranges too, but I try to eat those when I dont have a cold keep the vit C up.....

I go through fases of having one cold after another then nothing for ages ect, but true you immune system is knocked side ways after the SAH.

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Yep, hot lemon and honey, and paracetamol :)

The "ACE-inhibitor cough" is so annoying - my ex husband used to get it! You should be able to talk to the doctor and see if you can try an alternative.

Otherwise, listen to Karen's wise words. It's always best to get a medical professional to give you advice.

As for not being able to take certain meds after the SAH, it is really bugging me too: I'm not allowed to take my Celebrex because it can raise BP, but it was the only thing keeping my inflammatory arthritis under control. I am hoping the Rheumatologist will have something else to offer me next month....

Hope you feel better soon!!

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Sonia Hi, no I will be going to Cardiff. I only went to Frenchay to have the coiling done as the person who does it in Cardiff was away at the time. Frenchay were great

Gosh we are a sickly lot. What we all need is what the welsh call " a cwch" (translated = a great big hug)

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I agree with Lynne and the other guys about trying the natural honey and lemon/vit C route (mind you, if you overdo it with the vit C it can give you the runs!), along with a couple of Para's .... at least there's no nasties in that ... or failing that a hot toddy to knock you out before bedtime! :lol:

My immune system in the beginning was the same as you guy's and picking up a cold or any infection really knocked me for six. However, I'm back to normal in that respects, but I do top up with a daily multi vitamin, not sure if they work, but will keep taking them!

I will also say, that if you guy's are picking up more than your fair share of lurgies, then it may be worth seeing the Doc and getting some blood work done. xx

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