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Scares? SAH

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Hi Donnamarie

I went back in hospital for 3 days in oct 2010 3 months after my SAH as i started to get a headache that woudnt go. I hadnt been having any headaches then suddenly 1 for a week that woudnt go plus i was very dizzy. I had a CT and lumbar puncture which were both clear, so they said it was anxiety. I still get the dizzy feeling now but only a few headaches.

Traci S xxx

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I went back to hospital on blue lights 3 weeks after my SAH with an excruciating headache that wouldn't ease. A CT scan showed all was OK and I was sent home with some stronger painlillers.

The chances of it happening again are actually very small indeed, probably about the same as anyone else in the population.

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I did go back to hospital again I got Meningitis but thankfully I cant remember either times.....

I is very scarry but you do have to move on otherwise it will consume you...initially I did find that it was running my life.....please dont do that its not good....

onward & forward Donnamarie

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Hiya Donna

Yes i went back to hopstial too about 3weeks later, i had a headache i could'nt get rid of so off to ED we went , i had a ct scan which was clear and sent home to cope with the pain and the stress. I did go back in for a few days five days after i was sent home but i was rushed in with a blood clot on the lungs, i thought i was having another SAH as my head was killing and my heart was racing and i could'nt breath,but it was a blood clot:crazy: Very scary tho !!

Have you been to coulselling yet?? i found it has helped me loads;-)

Take care Rhiann xxx

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Hi there

Yep, I was rushed back into hospital 3 weeks later as I had an excrutiating headache and couldn't lift my head off the pillow. Had a CT scan an all was fine -turns out it was a headache brought on my the codeine I was taking - took myself off them and the tramadol they replaced it with straight away (wouldn't advise this without talking to GP first) but within hours the headaches had gone and I've never really suffered from them since.

It is hard at first - every headache makes you think its happening again, but remember, the brain doesn't have pain receptors so essentially cannot feel pain. Headaches are caused by the muscles on the scalp tightening. It does get easier, I promise.

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