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My mum went into hospital yesterday

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She collapsed in the morning and they found a blood clot and then took her for an operation, for which they said it wasn't likely that she would make it. She's alive and stable..but I'm terrified, is there a chance she still might die? Shes 43 and strong, the doctors said her vitals are stable but I'm really worried that I might talk to her and then it be the last time I see her. Is there still a chance she's not going to make it?

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HI Anna,

It's no wonder you are scared, this is a scary thing to happen. My husband felt so helpless when it happened to me. It's really scary when the docs can't tell you exactly what will happen. I'm really glad you found us so fast. The people on here come from every end of it, some are like me and have experienced a hemorrhage, others have spouses or parents or other relatives. Be strong for your mom and feel free to share your feelings and ask questions here.

Sandi K. xoxoxo

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Hey Anna,

It's very scarey but try to stay calm. If she's at Southampton Wessex Neuro, they are a wonderful bunch of doctors and nurses.

I know Southampton General really well (I work here!) so I know that the Wessex Neuro is the finest in the South!

If you'de like to pm me then please do!!!

Anya xx

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Hi again Anna,

I know you are so very scared right now. Do ask the doctors any questions you think of and ask them to explain everything to you. Your mom has been through a very serious event and no one can say exactly what will happen as each person's circumstances are different. Hopefully the fact that your mom is young and strong and is beginning to breathe on her own, will help in her recovery. The fact that you are there will also be very reassuring to her and help. I know it's hard to stay strong right now, but try to not think too far ahead and worry. It'll make you feel even worse sweetie. You also need to get some rest, if possible, so you don't become run down. The next few days will be hard on all of you, not knowing what's happening is the hardest part I think. I hope you and your dad and brother can hang together - you'll get through this with strength and love.

Again, feel free to pm me at any time. We're all here to help each other through these times.

Thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing from you again.

With much love,


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anna take a cd player in and mums favorite tunes dont forget ear pieces so she can listen to music when your not there make sure you get some rest because you are not going to be able to help if you are tired and not on the ball talk to her i have pmd you anytime take care

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