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Recovery takes time and information!

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Hello All

I went to see my occupational Health doc this week and believe it or not she really helped me

We discussed my return to work and she was really supportive with the idea that the most successful returns are those that are taken slowly.

This is what I have learned from using this site!!!

Anyway I posted a thread about wrapping annies a few weeks ago and still did not feel very confident about them. The OH doc told me that they are wrapped when not suitable for clipping and the wrapping causes calcium deposits that harden them up and therefore help to prevent a bleed.

This helped explain why the scarring from the wrapping caused the seizure I had!. She got this from the notes sent by the neurosurgeon to her.

I think it brings it home that old chestnut "Are we really prepared for the recovery process when no one tells us in normal speak the full facts??":crazy:

This is not intended as a criticism of anyone but I believe many members are right when they say we need to raise the profile of SAH and the recovery process.

Once again Thank goodness for this site!!!!


Karen xx

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Glad you have had some reassurance about the wrapping procedure.

Yes, information is helpful to us as it helps to ease the anxiety we feel about everything! I don't understand why so many of us leave hospital with little or no information about what we have been through.

I am going to write to my hospital and suggest that they try to give all SAH patients either a copy of the Brain and Spine Foundation leaflet, or something similar as well as a link to this site.

Easing yourself back to work slowly is the only way to be sure you can cope with it during your recovery.

Take care

Kel x

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Hi Karen :) glad you got on ok and was given information and support :)

I had never heard of wrapping, thank you for posting about it.

I also told my Neuro surgeon about BTG and when i went back to thank everyone i also told the nurses on the wards. As you say we need to raise the profile of SAH and recovery.

Wishing you well, take care, love Tina xx

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the day i left hospital i didnt even get a leaflet just sent on my merrry way i had to try and explain to friends and family what had happened as most knew nothing about it there should be a lot more information available for patients and family

Glad ur meeting help with your OT

take care donna

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I'm not sure if the information issue will ever improve - back in the early days, I was actually asked to bring any spare copies of the B&SF booklet into hospital next time I visited, so they could pass them on to other patients:crazy: That sums it up:frown:


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I always thought that the imformation would be more in the years since mine but its just about the same.....

Though Michelle I dont see it as being the surgeons fault they do their bit, fantastically but there is def something missing after that.....

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