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Up and Down

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:crazy::crazy::crazy:Hi Guys

Not posted for a while being going through rough patch!!

Had another seizure, ended up in hospital again where they upped my dose of Keppra. Cant really come to terms with why I am having seizures because of the scarring around the wrapped anni???

Got an appointment on Thursday with the vascular neurosurgeon, no info given to me about why?? Is it likely to be re angio I wonder??

Also got a genetic testing appointment too!!

All seems a bit much at the moment considering that in the middle of all this I have had my return to work interview!!

I keep in touch with the site which just gives so much support, Im begining to feel I should be contributing more?? However my SAH was in Sept, one anni clipped, one wrapped. IS it right its taking me so long to recover.

Im sorry I am seeking help again but promise to give much back when I feel better

Thanks to you all

Karen x:shock:

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hi sweetheart

i sorry that you are going through the mill with epilepsy it takes time to get the dose sorted before you become free of them it is a very slow progress and so dammed frustrating for you hopefully you will get answers to as and why it may not be because of the wrapped ani it could be something else which can be sorted quite easily i hope so dont stay away thats what we are here for so dont go and hide come on and have a moan because most of us have been there just take care massive hugs and cuddles

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Thanks Paul

I think half the battle is being able to talk truthfully and thats easier on here with people who have been through similar experiences. Sometimes its hard just doing it with family. You dont want to worry them

Karen x

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Hey Karen

You're only five months or so into recovery, you're still in the very early stages and everyone recovers differently. You certainly have no reason to apologise and we don't expect anything from you other than you allowing us to help you through the tough time.

I'm (luckily) not on any meds for anything but I can imagine it will take a while for everything to settle and for the meds to take affect etc.

We're all here to support you and your time will come to get through the other side of this. Stay positive hun.

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Hi Karen,

You need to remember you are not alone x x x you are only 5 months since your SAH and you are doing great x x keep asking the questions and all us guys here will help the best we can x x x dont be hard on yourself and try and keep a positive head that it will get easier with time x x x some people months and some years x x x I am nearly 3 years since sah and find BTG the best form of support there is x x friendly people and someone always can help with any of my questions I still have and to me are the only people who understand what I am going through x x x

Keep a positive smile hunni x x

love donna

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Come here whenever you want! Even if you don't post, it's still helpful. Like Sami said, no need for apologies here!!! We've all gone through these rough patches - that's what we're here for. BTG is what's kept me going this past year. We're all at different stages post SAH, and we all need help from time to time.

I haven't had seizures, but I'm sure it must be upsetting and scary for you. Hopefully the doctors can help to get your meds right so that you may start to feel a bit better.

Keeping you in my thoughts,


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Hi Karen,

I'm sorry to hear you have had another seizure, it must be frustrating and upsetting when all you want is to get better quickly. Hopefully your appointment will be fruitful on Thursday, make sure you have all your questions to hand to make the most of it.

A return to work interview in the middle of it all, will not have helped, but I hope you are not considering returning until you feel well enough in yourself.

I don't think you need to consider contributing to others on the forum - we all go through the stage of wanting help, answers etc and I am sure the time will come when you feel able to reciprocate. In the meantime you need to put all your energy into your own recovery.

Best wishes,


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I second that!! Every single one of us is different; there is no "normal" for recovery, so don't try and measure yourself against others. And don't worry about the amount of input or not you put into BTG: it's great for support but that doesn't mean you should feel obligated. I'm sure none of us mind if you read and run - and I'm sure there are more out there who do the same!

The great thing about here is the lack of judgement. We've all been there or are carers for people who've been there, so don't worry :)

I'm so sorry to hear you were in hospital again. It must be scary to have seizures, so chin up, as my old grandma would say. Smile!

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