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Hi Rhiann,

I haven't been given them yet but this is what my GP has mentioned I might try once I go back to work to help stop the spikes in my blood pressure. I did some reading on beta blockers and archers use them to keep themselves steady. They keep you calm, so I imagine that if I pop one before giving a presentation I'll come off looking like a pro instead of my usual red blotchy face and nervous laugh! My GP explained that it's not something I would take everyday but instead just when I had high stress meetings or situations.

Sandi K.

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Not for headaches but Im on a betablocker and its fine.

I think there are some on here that are tho for headaches.....

My cousin phoned the other day from WA & said that the weathers been the hottest they've had maybe when it cools down a bit it'll get better....

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Hi Riann

I took a beta blocker for a while & found it helped. It also made me feel nice & calm (which is a new thing for me, I'm usually stressing about something or other:roll:).

I also took a drug called Amitriptelene (I may have mis-spelt that). It is actually an anti depressant but given at a very low dose it controls pain. I have to say it worked brilliantly. I had no headaches at all while I was taking it.

Michelle x

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