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neck on annie's

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Hi Guys,

Well today I phoned the hospital to inform them of my change of address and number and spoke to the neuro nurse x

I asked when my next scan is and its on April 2013 x she said that they want to keep an eye on the neck on the annie that I had coiled April 08 x :shocked: I knew I had a small opening but then I heard the word neck so thought I would post this x I have been having alot of headaches lately and pains in my eyes and with hearing this I now feel worried x AGAIN x

The nurse also told me that if there is any change then they would operate :confused:

This is all a suprise to me x x BUT I have come this far so I know I will be ok x I have to be for my family x x

Does anyone else have a neck on their anni ??????? what was you told about this ???????

love to all



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Hi Donna,

I still have a neck left on my aneurysm and have been monitored since the coiling in 2005 ... my last scan was in 2010 and they were happy with it. ..... I will be scanned again in 2015, which will be about 10 years post coiling. I know that it's a bit of a shock when you're first told, so know how you feel! Takes a little while to come to terms with the knowledge, but you do and the good thing is, that they're still monitoring you for any changes. xx

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Hey Donna

Im sure you said before that you had a tiny neck on your anni :roll: which means you've leart to live with it:thumbsup: & thats good just to get on with stuff.....

I was monitored closely for 5/6 years......

take care honey....

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Hi Donna,

I understand how these things can throw you into a state of worry. Towards the end of last year I asked my gp to print off the letters he had received from my consultant and one of those letters said that my unruptured aneursym had a broad neck projecting laterally close to the origin of the ophthalmic artery. This was the first I knew about this, which in my view, was not the most satisfactory way to find out:roll: The broad neck has never been discussed or explained to me which leaves it to my own imagination as what it all means. I know they are monitoring this aneursym and I go for a scan in August this year, but finding out about these things (ie, 2 years later in my case) when you are least expecting it is not at all nice.

I hope, like me, that when you get over the initial shock of hearing this, you will be able to re-focus and continue as you have been doing.


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