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Prior symptoms to SAH?

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I have an appt with my neurologist 12/28/2011 and one of my big questions has been did any of the symptoms of major fatigue, hot flashes, confusion while trying to write or speak have anything to do with the SAH? They keep telling me no, I am just wondering if anyone had any symptoms months prior that are unexplained. I am only 3 month out but already I am less tired than I was prior to the firework show in my brain. Does anyone think something was going on prior to their episode?

Thanks, Mary

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Hi Mary

I believe it could be related, simply because my neuro-consultant told me earlier in the year that the migraines I had been having for 8 years prior to the SAH were due to the aneurysm growing in that time, and he said it would have hurt with it growing so much over that time. (My annie is classed as a large one, 13mm x 8mm x 8mm I think it was...).

I had a couple of occassions when my migraines first started which left me unable to string a sentence together or recall the words I wanted to use... I also now realise that I had suffered from fatigue for many years.

I often feel tired after doing very little, but I can't recall what I used to put it down to. I think I just thought that was how I was. Where others could go days with little sleep and still function okay, I don't think I have ever been able to do that!

And now you say about hot flashes - I have been having those for years too... I used to think I was going to suffer early menopause as I can suddenly get hot and then take ages to cool down again (but my mum and sis are like this too).

I hope your appointment goes well today. Let us know

Kel x

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Hope your appointment went well. The only symptom I had was when the one leaked a couple of years before strangely a girl I know died the same night as my first bleed that never got diagnosed cause after talking to my mom on the phone I went to bed. And that one was clipped last in the end cause the other one ruptured my neurosurgeon actually said it looked like the other had bled before, frightening really cause I went to bed my mom thought I was drunk cause I was slurring my words. Jess.xxx

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I don't know whether this is a symptom, but Kel's post prompted me to contribute.

I was a migraine sufferer since childhood. I would have an attack roughly once a month.

Since the SAH... nothing. I get headaches (which are more of an inconvenience than anything else,) but no more migraines.

Lynne xx

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Hope the appt went well.

Yes I had symptoms long before (though I didnt know that at the time) I was dropping things, & had lots of bouts of flu that I couldnt shake (maybe it was flu but who knows)

Its probably something that you'll never really know the answer to....

take care

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Hi, thank you all for your replies. I am having a bad headache day. jeez., just when I think I have it all figured out BAM! My neuro . appt went fine, He stated me on a night time dose of anti seziure meditcation. My head aches continued this week someday not bad others like today ............ I threw the medicaine cabinet at my head last night and still woke up with hum dinger. I read about rebound headaches but ok more catch 22 in my life. I am so thankful for the slow holiday weeks and me being able to leave work early for now. I came home at noon today to put on my flannel pjs and climbed into bed. It is now almost 7 pm and I am just now feeling a little better. I am thankful for not decorating more for the holidays! Happy New Year everyone and let it bring better health and well being. Thank you all for being here. I hav e ahard time replying as I cannot ever find the right words. But you are my life line to sanity.

Oh yea, PS.. I beleive they will never know if any of my problems had anything to do prior to hemmorage and stroke but I know they did. Now it just does not matter but I do I find it interesting that it was not reconginized sooner. I would certainly urge someone that has any of those early symptoms to get tested sooner. BUT I am also sure the insurance companies won't allow that to happen either.

What kind of health care coverage is in the UK? In USA I am the holder of our family coverage & must work at least 32 hour a week to hold on to it. I do not know what we would do without it.

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Mary, don't worry too much about struggling to find the right words on here. I think a few of us have that problem. Sometimes it's easier to not post a reply because I can't think what to say, other times, I post a reply & when I read it back it seems cold & uncaring (which is never intentional). I'm sure i'm not alone in this...

Take care of yourself & enjoy the New Year celebrations!

Michelle xx

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Michelle said it well. Sometimes I just can't find the right words either and I have tendency to come off sounding bossy so if I'm really tired I rarely post but when I do and read it later I cringe! Oh well, our brains are a bit 'off' and we all understand. Don't worry about not finding the right words.

Mary I agree with you, my unexplained symptoms were leading up to my head explosion but I dont think any doctor would have figured out what was coming. Several years prior to my NASAH I had a CT scan cuz I was dizzy often. At that time I was told there had been some damage but no one knew what from. There had been no accident or trauma that anyone could remember and there was no bleed and I don't know what they saw on the scan specifically. Even with that knowledge, going to the doctor with newer symptoms of fatigue and heart palpitations and hot flushes didnt trigger any kind of thought that I might be headed for a brain bleed. My eyes are wide open now but statistics show its not likely to happen again. More research on SAH needs to happen, both the aftereffects and what lead up to it.

Sandi K.

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