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The Dreaded "Back to Work Full Time" Talk

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Hi All:

Today I get to have the dread "back to work full time" talk with my boss. Not looking forward to it. I am 6 months post SAH and have been back to work for 4 months on phased return. I am still only 75 percent healthy and my wife will have surgery on Feb 21st to see if she has ovarian cancer. Not a good time.

I'm in the States so there is no Vocat Rehab. Loolks like I'll have to bite the bullet and give it a go. My work has been great with me but I guess they can't wait any longer. I would guess they'll give me a month or so.Wish me luck. Any advice?



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Hi David sounds like your having a hard enough time at the minute without work been on your back. Hope everthing turns out ok with your wife.

I cant help on the work/going back to work as the job i did previous to my bleed will never be an option for me again. I wouldnt let your boss push you into anything you cant handle as you dont want to get worse could you maybe work from home on top of your 28 hours for a few months personally i think 28 hours is a great acchivemnet im doing permitted work and can barely get in 8 hours on a good week

hope things go ok with the boss later

will say a prayer for you and your wife

Big HUGs Donna

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I just had my meeting with my boss. They are giving me until May 1st to return to full time. I am happy and releived. That is 3 months. Pretty resaonable I think. I think I can do it but with SAH you never know when fatigue will set in. I will continue to take good care of myself and drink lots of water and hope I can get back to full time by May. As long as my wife's surgery on the 21st doesnt go horribly wrong, I think I can do it.

Thanks to all for your continued support!


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Hi David,

That's good-ish news on the work front, gives you a bit of time, a bit of breathing space.

I think I'll be facing a similar situation myself soon, my boss has mentioned a few times about me changing my contract hours.

All the best wishes with your wifes operation, please keep us informed.

Big hugs to you both.

Take care and keep smiling,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi David

Glad that they have given you more time - it will also give you more time to get used the idea of fulltime work again. I had my SAH in 2006 and although I went back to work three weeks after it was only because I was working with my hubby (we run a Graphic Design Agency) and I had a bed in my office - I slept more than I worked for the first few months. I got another job in October 2008 and worked 30 hours a week, now I'm at a school and work 35 hours a week. It doesn't bother me at all now and I know that I'm very lucky in that respect.

The only advice I can give you besides drinking fluids and making sure you get plenty of rest in the evening - is try not to think about it too much. Try not to let the thoughts of "Can I do this" grip too much and turn them into thoughts of "I can do this". I know its hard and I don't want or mean to sound flippant, but try to stay in a positive mind set about it - with everything thats happening with your wife too.

Good luck and fingers crossed that your wife is OK.

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Sami, that's good advice. I can do this takes anyone farther than can I do this.

David, sorry I didn't see your post before your meeting. It looks like it went very well and despite the pressure from your colleagues it sounds like management is being respectful of your capabilities. I can understand them wanting a timeline, it gives them a date to share with the colleagues so that the whining stops. I'm a bit concerned about the pressure on you to meet that date- sorry- probably not what you want to think about yet! For now, being relieved with the outcome of the meeting is enough. One step at a time.

All in all its very good news and I would be elated with the support!

Sandi K.

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Hello All:

Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The support on this site is awesome. I am so far lucky with my work being patient with me. I do a good job and they like me and I like them. Hopefully we can reach a mutual beneficial relationship.

I may not have mentioned that they want me back FT by May 1st but it is not a hard deadline. My boss said it is a tentative goal but is subject to evaluation. It could be sooner or later. That is comforting. I will do my best. That's all I can do.

I didn't do anything but rest this weekend. Nothing. Rest and water. I suspect Feb 21st is going to be a rough day and the days after. I have to really build my strength. No time for wining and dining at the moment.

Thanks again to all for support.


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