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Hello from Manchester!

Guest Jane

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Hi Everyone!

What an amazing place to find! I had my SAH in 1994 (or was it 1995??) and this is the first time I've had contact with anyone else who's experienced the same thing!

Joy! :D

Anyway, here's my Intro To Me:

I'm Jane, I was about 38 when I had my SAH, and I was living with my husband in a small (as in teeny-tiny) village in Somerset. Miles away from anywhere. I'd been having fertility treatment for years before ... and then -- BAM! out of the blue, burst aneurysm and a complete blank for about three weeks.

To cut a very long story short, I ended up in Frenchay Hospital, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus after about three weeks and had a VP shunt fitted.

And then went home to a husband who just didn't want me any more.

Stupid man.

So it's lovely to see on this forum that there are really supportive relationships around and that Love Can -- and Will -- Conquer All!!

Anyway, it took him 2 years to finally have the guts to leave me. Oh, that he'd done it earlier! Coldness and heartlessness are very cruel.

But ... I've survived, and I'm going from strength to strength -- with loads of naps and snoozes and vague ditzy bits in between.

Yes, it's slow. And, yes, it's my own ideosyncratic version of getting better. But, hey -- could be dead, no?

One thing I must ask, whilst I've got the chance -- I've been diagnosed as having ME. Now, how do I work out what's the result of the SAH, what's the hydrocephalus and what's the ME?

Might it all be the SAH?

I've never really given SAH or hydro a thought and I've nothing to compare myself with, so I don't know.

Anyway, I'm so glad to have found this site. And I'll be back!!


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Hello Jane,

Welcome to the site sorry to hear you had such an awful experience. But good for you onwards and upwards. The SAH is tough for all concerned I'm certainly glad it was me who had the SAH it sounds a strange thing to say but I don't know how I could have coped if it was him. Anyway. ME. The fatigue that we have does sound to be very similar to ME I have been reading a self help book relating to ME as I find it is the closest relation to my symptons so essentially I'm treating things as If i had ME. So maybe it doesn't matter if its the SAH or the ME you could just treat them the same. Don't know if this helps. My mum was diagnosed with ME approx 25 years ago, it was really tough at the start and then when she stopped trying to fight it and take vitamins etc she is amazingly better.

look forward to hearing from you.

Aine xox

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Hi Aine,

Thanks for your reply!

Interesting about the ME. And about your mum having it. So has mine! Since she was in her 20s, looking back, and they hadn't a clue what it was or what to do about it, back then.

I think you're so very right about not fighting it. When I do that, I just wipe myself out for days. Very silly.

What self-help books are you reading about ME? I think I need as much info as I can get!!

Jane xxx

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Hi Jane,

I've just been diagnosed with a Vit D and Calcium deficiency, probably due to the Phenytoin anti ep drug that I was on, for about 7 months post SAH in 2005. It strips you of calcium etc. Again, this deficiency is very similar to ME symptoms, fatigue, dizziness, bad PMT to name but a few. I've just been prescribed supplements for 3 months and then I have to have another blood test to see if my levels have returned to normal....so watch this space....I've been putting most of my symptoms down to the SAH alone and that's why it's so important to keep going back to the GP and get some blood tests, if you have any reservations or doubts.

Sorry to hear that you didn't have a supportive husband.....it must have been tough for you. Hope that you've now found somebody that deserves you....

My story is on the home page ...... think that I was about 38, when I had my "warning" bleed.

Out of curiosity, how did you discover this site?

Keep well and look forward to hearing more about you....

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When You Want to Say Yes, But Your Body Says No: The Proven Mind-body Plan to Beat Chronic Fatigue and Stress-related Illness by Liz Tucker [Paperback]

of: M.E.: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A Practical Guide (Thorsons Health) by Anne MacIntyre [Paperback]

of: My Year Off: Rediscovering Life After a Stroke by Robert McCrum [Paperback]

Cut and Paste is a wonderful thing, I just got these of amazon. I'm really enjoying the second 2! First one is a bit tough going but looked the most user friendly. I had stayed away from books about Strokes but I like this one. The Guy is very inspiriational and quite matter of Fact. He now back working on some of the broadsheets as I literature reviewer I think. I think we are lucky ME was and still is badly misunderstood, I think at least we have a bit more info and websites like this so we know we aren't the only ones and aren't going of our heads.

Take it Easy.

Aine xox

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Hi Jane

Welcome to the site.

Gosh you've been through a lot I found that from the SAH grew determination that I never had before.

Today can be hellish dosnt mean tomorrow will be.

I know a few people with MS I think the SAH, ME, MS have very similar things, memory & tiredness for one.

Hope to hear from you again soon

Take care


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Hi Jane

Welcome to the family. I think fatigue and memory problems are the main problem for all of us - though my husband claims to have always suffered from them! :wink:

This site has been invaluable to my recovery and I wouldn't be as good as I am now without the help and support of the wonderful guys that are on here. Feel free to ask anything and if you're worried or just fed up then we're all here to give advice, cheer you up and support you.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Sami xxxx

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Hi Jane

Welcome from a fellow North Westerner! Whereabouts in M/C are you? I'm about 40 minutes outside but my daughter lives in W Didsbury so come over often.

Ditto to what Sami said, this site has been invaluable for support, info and feedback, particularly as it seems we're on our own when discharged from hospital. I've had to find everything out from t'internet.

Anyway, good to meet you and hope to see you soon!

Sarah :lol:


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Well! What a fantastic welcome!

Thank you all, so very much!!

I just wish I'd found you before. Shall just have to make up for lost time, won't I?

From what Louise and Sami say, I reckon that memory problems and fatigue are SAH and hydro and ME. So who cares what the cause was -- deal with the problem. And if anyone has any hints and tips other than pacing and being gentle with myself, do please let me know.

Aine -- Thanks for the booklist. Amazon here I come!

And Sarah -- how lovely to hear from a fellow Cheshire Person (I know, I'm really Greater Manchester in Sale, but hey!). And a PR Person too. I'm a freelance copywriter (employers don't like people who go to sleep in the middle of the day without any warning, so I thought I'd try working for myself. Hmm.) So that, and the cats -- and the snoozing! What a great match!

Talking of cats -- poor souls are probably starving. Best go and feed them.

Take care!

Jane xxx

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Just noticed I didn't answer Karen's question about where I found this site.

I think I was looking for info about unsourced SAH and the site came up in Google.

I think...

... trouble is, it was a couple of days ago, now, so it's all a bit vague.

(My new goal in life is to have a memory like a sieve :wink: )

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Hi Jane,

Thanks for letting me know how you found us.....it's always interesting to know what people think of the site and feedback is very useful and helps me to improve the site if necessary.

Know what you mean about the memory.....if I don't write stuff down, then it just leaves my head......hope that you're well today...

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Hi Jane,

just to say hi! and welcome to the site, sorry it's a bit belated!

Had my SAH on New Years Eve 2006 and must say this site has been ace for me!!!

Everyone on the site has been so welcoming and kind, when I have a bad day I can sign on here and always feel like I'm at home, yeah, there are other people who feel like I do!

As Sami said to you, we are going to have a Midlands meet and it would be good if you could come too! It's just getting round to arranging it but it will be done!!

Anyway, it's off to bed for me now, speak to you soon,

love Suexxx

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Hiya Jane,

Nice to know that SAH and having a shunt isn't a unique condition!!!

Agree about the tiredeness (looking at my post count tonight maybe you won't agree tho).

Make or break is what my Neuro Psyc told me about SAH and marriage, but then again you can say that about anything and marriage! If he wasn't willing to support you through this then you are best shot of him. We are a unique and varied bunch we've been told to carry on despite busting on the game of life grab whatever you can during this "free go".


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Guest Firefly

:D I am Tricia, Welcome to the site!! I had a "ruptured Annie" in 7/05. I went misdiagnosed for a couple months, long story! :mad: so I have a long recovery. :oops:

Anyway, having people to talk to about this has helped me the past 2 years!!! :wink: You can talk to us about anything!! I am so sorry about your marriage, I know someone else that had the same thing happen?? You are a survivor and I am sure you can make it through anything after a aneurysm!! :) I was amazed at how many other people have them, after finding a couple of support groups!! I hope you will come visit us, we understand!!! :wink: Many of us suffer from long term fatigue!! Memory problems... your not alone!

What is ME??

I have fibromyalgia, doesn't help!!

I am just thankful to God to be here!! :wink:

I will keep you in my prayers hun, God bless you! Tricia

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Hello Jane

Welcome to the Site.

Funny you mention about ME i'm currently reading a self-help book on ME as its the nearest thing I've found to the SAH especially the Fatigue/Memory etc.

I suppose its hard to separate which is which. I would probably just deal with the symtoms regardless of what the cause.

I'll hunt out the name of that book for you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Aine x

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