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Advice 4 years on

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Hi All,

I know I have posted lately about me feeling really dizzy x x

I have been to the doctors ALOT and they just seem to try different meds (I have now tried them all) and they cant do anything for me x x

I am trying to figure out if I have to live with this x x



Feel sick


fuzzy head

spinning feeling

whooshing around in my head

weak feeling in my limbs

Room spinning

Walking like I am drunk (when I am not)

I am finding it really hard to work with these symptoms but like most of us I need the money,,,,,,,,bills to pay

I don't know what else to do x x who to turn to x x x and keep thinking the worse (like I do) so that does'nt help me x x x

Is anyone else suffering with this or have done in the past x x

I know if something bad was going to happen it would of done x x x but like you all know i am a worrier x x

I thought about asking to be ref to a neurologist or if there is anyone else who could help me but I don't like wasting peoples time, also to see if i can have my MRI scan earlier (I am due to have it in April 2013)

I know I am rambling on now x x

But just wanted to know if anyone has any advice on what they think I should do or could do if they are or have been in my position x x

thank you all for taking time to read my post



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Hi Donna, I experience just about the same as you and the neuros have not found a reason for it in spite of having lots of tests. I was told it was brain stem damage in the end but I think that was just to put a name to the symptoms. I use a walking frame and do nothing that will aggravate things if I can help it. In a word I have learnt to manage it to a certain extent but occaisionally have a go at something that I know will make it worse and then suffer feeling really ill for a few days.

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Hi Donna,

I'm 4 years on too and have a lot of the same symptoms as you. I hate the days when I stagger a lot because you know people will assume you've been drinking and not stop to think it may be something else. I find that really embarrassing and tend not to go out on the bad days or at least go with someone. Other times I think I'm fine but start wobbling or staggering while I am already out. I don't have any answers to give you - sorry. But am waiting to hear input from a rehab consultant about the headaches & fatigues. I'm guessing the answer will be trying different drugs which I would not be keen to do. I'll post if I hear anything positive to try.

I don't work any more (I was medically retired) which has helped but it is still massively frustrating not to be able to do things like my garden, carrying shopping etc, etc and knowing that if I go for a lovely walk, I'll spend 2 hours sleeping after it.....

Michelle xx

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I get no medication for it, was told brain damage is brain damage and if there has been no improvement over the last 8 years then that is it. I am not permitted to drive because of the severe dizziness so i did lose a lot of my independance. I manage it now the best I can and whatever way I can by trying not to do things that make it even worse.

In spite of these symptoms I try to live my life to the full to the best of my ability and as many of you know I am working down my want to see list so I travel abroad many times.

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Hi Donna, I'm at 20 months post-SAH and I get dizzy when I've overdone it. Crowded noises places like restaurants bring it on for me. Trying to concentrate on the conversation at the table and filter out the noise around me takes a lot of my available energy. When I get up from the table I wobble as I walk and have to hold someone's arm or railings so I'm sure people assume I've have too much to drink.

Sandi K.

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Hiya Donna,

for peace of mind, I would ask for that referal. You are not 'wasting' anyone's time, it's their job and what they are paid to do. I don't really have many of the symptoms you describe though I do get dizzy from time to time and a fuzzy head. When I'm tired, I can trip over flat ground which is a bit embarassing!

Dawn x

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