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Way of getting back to driving

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I thought I would mention some help that was offered to me recently by the social worker at the brain injury unit at Mossley Hill. I am very frustrated at still not being able to drive despite never suffering seizures and now 15 months post SAH. He telephoned a lady who specialises in 'disabled drivers' be that physically or mentally for whatever reason.

This lady runs Diverse Road Safety which specialises in vulnerable road users. He said usually it only takes a 1 1/2 - 2 hrs session at only £45 a session. She can then advise DVLA of your suitability back on the road.

Due to the non compliance of my own Neuro Consultant to provide DVLA with the information they require this is the route I am taking.

I hope it can be of use to others :-D

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I would like to hear from other members how long on average does it take to get ones license back? My consultant told me the chance of me having another sah was the same as him! THerefore why am I considered such a risk? I contacted the D VL who said they would review my case and let me know, letter 4 weeks ago stating still considering my. case, dont call us we will call you, I live on a mountain I feel very cutoff as I have broken my leg I cant even walk anywhere, My road tax is due so l want to know if l will have to wait another year? I just wish they would tell us, best wishes jill

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I'm sure many viewers to this site will find your information useful Patsy. I hope this route works for you.

Jill, I'm not sure what the average time is to be re-issue your licence. At the time of my sah, I was unaware that we were to advise DVLA and when I asked a member of staff at the hospital when I could drive again, she had said 'when you feel ready'. It was not until a year later when I went in for more coiling that I was given a leaflet from the hospital saying that we need to inform them:lol: I did so at this point and whilst they never asked for my licence, they did make enquires through my consultant on my fitness to drive. Because my consultant told them I had visual disturbances since my sah, DVLA then asked me to go to an optician for a visual field test. Once DVLA got the results they told me I was ok to continue driving. That all happened quite quickly, but I guess it all depends on how efficiently information is dealt with and passed on. I would be inclined to ring DVLA once you think they've had long enough, despite them saying not to. I would also be inclined to SORN your car until you've heard so as not to waste your money. It's quite easy to remove the SORN declaration and tax your car when the time comes.

Good luck,


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That is interesting Patsy, wish I'd known that 2 years ago!!

I surrendered my licence when I notified the DVLA of my clipping, one reason I chose to be clipped was that I was told coiling means no driving for a year. I sent my licence off in July & I had to get the registrar to write to my GP to tell her i was fit to drive which was no easy task! As I still suffer from double vision I have to have my right lens fogged but the left eye meets the requirement for driving so the eye cons had to write to the registrar to say my eye was ok, then the registrar had to write to my gp to say that clipping wise I was oko to drive too.

In the end they wanted my GP to write to say I was ok to drive & weren't interested in what the consultant had to say. I did ring them & was told I could drive until they decided otherwise (this was probably cos I didn;t have a rupture) which seemed totally backwards to me! I still didn;t drive until they gave me the all clear which was in Oct. I then had 2 driving lessons with a friend who is an instructor for my own peace of mind.

I felt I could drive but I wanted to make sure I wasn't dangerous without realising it.

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I surrended my licence to DVLA in Sept 2006 (was coiled in August 2006), they contacted my Doc, I got my licence back in December 2006 and was told that I was OK to drive again. It depends on the severity of your bleed, how the SAH has affected you and how efficient your Doc is at liaising with the DVLA.

Fingers crossed you get it all sorted soon x

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Bagpus I was coiled, there certainly isn't a 12 month restriction on driving following it I think it is something quick like 6 weeks.

Yes I agree regarding the severity of your bleed, mine was very severe I had two bleeds at the same time then contracted bacterial meningitis. My right eye was affected I.e. the eyeball dropped slightly giving me double vision, I walked around for 13 months with the glass on glasses over that eye frosted over. Fortunately the opthalmic team corrected my vision in June despite my neuro consultant saying it wouldn't work:-)

My husband has just telephoned the lady at the driving school we are going to schedule appointments for me, hopefully this week, to get driving again:-) I cannot wait to get my freedom back by driving:-) We live somewhere quite out in the sticks so to be mobile driving again will be fantastic:-)

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So glad you started this thread. I would really like to hear how you get on with this companys help. I have now been without my licence for three years. :frown: I lost a quarter of my visual field in both eyes and admit it causes me quite a lot of confusion. I was made to do a driving assessment in Edinburgh city centre, which I feel was very unfair as I didn't drive in either Edinburgh or Glasgow centres during my 20 years of having my licence. I know quite a few people who drive and also avoid city centres. Wish I had the ability to fight them regarding that rule. Please keep us updated on your progress with this.

Also I am curious about your corrective treatment for the double vision. How did they do that? My own eyes are still slightly misaligned and I regularly have double vision. I am able to personally correct it by concentrating more when I realise it's there. Hope I can have this treatment too.

Sally. x

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