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Driving - DVLA - The following thread is posted on behalf of jillbb

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The following thread is posted on behalf of jillbb

I had a letter today from the dvl stating before. I could drive. l would have to go and have a driving assement and a hazard perception test, l feel very upset about this as the consultant only saw me once 6 weeks after sah and said l was fine, and he saw no reason why l should not drive! It has been 6 months since my sah, ok things have not been as easy as l thought they would, but l have not asked for any help, l have not been to my doctor or had any follow up appointments, could it be my age? L have had no convictions or accidents in over 50 years of driving, l can not take the test at the moment as l have broken my leg while walking on our mountain. Has anyone else had to do this test? Best wishes jillbb

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Hi Jill,

Yes Gill is right. I did have to sit what the DVLA called a 'driving assessment'. Unfortunately I only has two chioces of location and both were city centres. During the twenty years I held my licence I avoided busy places like this and I was very angry that Those were my only options. I know lots of people who still avoid driving in places where they feel uncomfortable. I do have problems with my eyesight now as I lost the upper left quarter of my visual field. If you have always been comfortable driving in busy places I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about. The ladies who assessed me were very nice and it wasn't like a driving 'test'. They just watched closely to check for any safety issues. I didn't have a hazard perception test though and, as it wasn't a requirement when I did my test, I couldn't say if I'd pass one or not. I am hoping to ask some of the members here to do a poll to find out how many drivers these days avoid certain places due to discomfort. If I do get the results I expect from that I hope to raise the topic with the dvla in the hope I can be assessed again in the future in a local town where tests are carried out. I've now been licenceless for three years but this is definitely due to my loss of vision, I'm sure if yours is ok you will not have to be so long without. Good luck.

Sally xxx

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I'm still waiting to hear from the DVLA - and expect a letter at any time in the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how I am. However my hospital consultant said that he would not confirm to me that I was fit for driving at any time during my recuperation because he finds it hypercritical to do so and then for the DVLA to then remove your license / take you do another test. Fortunately my local doctor said I could drive - but this is only until the DVLA's letter comes and tells me what I can / can't do even though they have never met me!

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DVLA is the baine of my life right now:-( My neuro consultant has refused to okay me to drive :-( I am devastated as I am quite isolated where I live as the bus stop is a good 15-20 minute walk away up hill. I currently have problems with my lower limbs therefore walking such distances isn't an option for me right now.

It looks like my case will be assessed by the medical team of DVLA. I have been waiting 18 months now to drive, I think it is appalling:-(

I think I will have to undertake a driving assessment, I am dreading the thought, as I also normally avoid city centre locations for driving so the thought of having to drive there fills me with dread:-(

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OK here goes - I'm thinking of writing a blog when our problem is all over-

My wife's stroke May 2011, license sent back to DVLA June 2011, first eye test July 2011, failed field of vision (upper quadrant), appealed - 2nd field of vision test November 2011, then DVLA sent a letter asking my wife to apply for new license and send cheque for £15 (I think) - so all hopes were up, DVLA then refused on the basis of failed eye test, 3rd appeal - wife went to another hospital for a different field of vision test in May 2012, failed again.

I now started to research the net on this and read about contacting my local MP as they have jurisdication with the DVLA, which they did and they were brilliant - trouble is DVLA wanted another test carried out.

Then we started legal proceedings and the DVLA finally agreed for my wife to meet a specialist consultant in hospital who did a physical eye test and confirmed her vision was satisfactory. The onyl problem instructing a solictor is cost - if you take the DVLA to court you are looking at £5k - £6k in costs. And then a letter came through asking my wife to sign a declaration for a driving assessment to allow her to drive for 1 hour assisted by a driving instructor This is the last hurdle - fingers crossed it will happen soon. But - let's be honest - it's utter bs as how are you supposed to practise before the assessment? Asking somebody to go out on the road with a stranger in a car for 1 hour when you havent driven for nearly 2 years !!!!!! MAKES ME SO MAD !!!!!!

The frustrating thing with the DVLA is they are so beurocratic - they have no escalation procedures, they do everything by post (no email) - wont speak to you on the phone and are driven by a load of private specialist dr's who are probably milking the system for a small fortune.

If you look at the last minutes of their meeting it'll proably be something like August 2012 - they only meet every 6 months EVEN THOUGH THE DVLA STATE THEY WILL RESPOND TO LETTERS IN 6 WEEKS - IT IS UTTER Bull......

So, I know how you all feel - my wife is so p'd off with it all.

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lost my license havent "driven" a car for 3 yrs, but have been merrily riding my mobility scooter for 2 years both on and off the road, some close calls but not my fault, I can ride in the road with ease at 8mph do everything a car does and use the road properly but DVLA say no to license return just yet lol but hey its fun it gets me out sometimes, :wink:

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