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Hello everyone,

hope everyone is feeling ok and happy today. Not the greatest title for a thread.

I am 6 weeks post PMSAH now and the worst symptom I am dealing with is the nausea. It does seem to be worse the day after I do more activity. Despite taking 3 types of antisickness tablets, some days it's really hard to do anything. Yesterday, I felt totally banjaxed by nausea and was 5 minutes into a walk and I had to return home.

I can handle the headaches which are fairly mild now and the dizziness which mainly appears when I have walked for more than 30 minutes. But this is starting to really get me down.

Anyone have this or any tips to help?

thanks and best wishes



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Hi Vanessa,

I don't usually get nausea unless I am very fatigued. Of course headaches can cause it also. I have always been afraid what would happen if I did truly get sick cause like am I gonna have another SAH? I think Penny is right. Prilosec or giner ale or ginger products work for me. Good luck.


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Hi Vanessa

I too would go with the Ginger Ale & Burnt DRY TOAST--I say dry, because it's the carbon on the toast that will help settle your stomache.

There might be another cause of your Nausea!!

I had problems with my medication, and found out that the mixing of certain medication at the same time will cause Nausea.

I had a chat with the Pharmatoligist, who by moving the times I took my medication, help me with my Nausea.

Might be worth looking into.

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I had the worst nausea that I have ever had for about 4months post. Every AM I'd wake up and drag myself to the breakfast table and force myself to eat. I started at 125 and got down to 105 from the horrid feeding tube in the hospital...so I really was starving, but so sick! Nothing worked, I tried anything I could think of, I just lived through it. I think when my vertigo lifted, that's when the nausea did as well...although I'm not sure if they were related to each other. I think yours will lift as well as you get some ground under you. Patience - breathe into the feeling even though it stinks right now. It will get better.


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Vanessa, nausea, vertigo, headaches comes for me when my brain is experiencing low pressure within the ventricles. (I know this because of my experience with setting shunt controls and LP s and going lowpressure which reminded me of when I had it post SAH ) i believe it's quite common to get this low pressure feeling post SAH as the ventricles are over draining because of the blood in them and the changes in their size as they adjust but you probably understand the biology better than me.

Anyhow I digress. My super duper pressure doctor says drink coffee...yes coffee, my shunt team says drink coke whenever i have had lowpressure. Not sure if anyon else has been told this but it was common practice at my hospital , in fact you could tell who was having low pressure by the drinks on their side table :lol:Either way I know this does help me. Obviously I'm not recommending caffeine if you have high BP. Ive also had cyclazine for extreme nausea.

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Hi Vanessa,

I personally hate ginger and have tried to like it for some time now. I do however like ginger ale - that is the only soda I ever drink. My nausea hits me at night - saltines & ginger ale for me. I have some prescription meds but it usually can be handled with my ale and crackers.

Good Luck, Mary

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