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Hello everyone,

I don’t have much time to write posts these days – hence why this post has been saved in Word and has taken days to write!

As many of you know, I had a baby in August 2012.

Thankfully, I am well supported by family. Since August, I have had very brief moments alone with the baby and I usually have someone with me helping. Fatigue is debilitating – probably due to not being able to sleep throughout the night! Emotionally, I am fine, which I put down to the support I have. I feel that I would be very stressed without it.

I’ve also been referred to a rheumatologist. My liver enzymes are slightly elevated and blood tests show signs of inflammation. My joints are very stiff. Mornings are the worst and I’m bent over double, hobbling when I first come out of bed. (I’ve acquired the nickname Limpy – which is very charming!) I’ve had many blood tests, but save for the above, everything else is normal. Being in discomfort unfortunately drains my energy further. I also have an appointment with the stroke clinic later today. I was invited out of precaution. I've not been before. I had a fasting blood test last week which was a joyous way to start my day –no breakfast but needing the energy to breast feed a hungry baby!!! That put me out of sorts all day.

I’m aware that other members on BTG have had children post SAH. My experience is that it has been very demanding physically and not something I could have done without a lot of support. My midwife and health visitor were considering putting professional help in place until they were reassured that my family were helping loads, which perhaps gives an indication of how weakened I have been post birth.

Emotionally however, I am very good; and if I don’t get another chance to post; I wish you all a merry Christmas!!!

L xxx

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Hi Lin

I know I would not be able to cope with a young baby either (my youngest son was 7 when I had SAH and that was hard enough!). It's lovely to hear that you have so much support & that it is coming from family who love Osian as much as you do, rather than professionals. It will get easier eventually :crazy:

Hopefully you will soon get answers and treatment for your painful joints which must make everything even harder at the moment.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Michelle xx

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Good morning Lynne,

it' s lovely to have an update from you, though I'm sorry to hear you are in pain. ' limpy'? Nothing too imaginative there then!:lol:

It sounds like you are very blessed in regards to your supportive family!

I wish you all the best for the coming year (and those after it!). Merry Christmas!

Dawn x

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Lovely to hear from you Lin, I think you are doing marvellously well with the help of the family around you. Physically the first 6 weeks were hell for me & that was pre sah!! The fact you are breast feeding just adds to that & I chose to

bottle feed in the end so congratulations for persevering with it!!

I am sorry to hear about the stiffness & hope they can do something to ease the pain, its a sad fact pregnancy can bring on these issues :-( . Limpy?? I'm sure they mean it with affection:shocked::crazy::roll:

I wonder if you are having those first precious proper smiles now & a real personality is emerging? It goes far too fast so appreciate every second of it xxx

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Can't imagine having a young child at this point so, wow you go!

I have the exact same issue of 'Limpy' in the AMs. At this point it takes me from 7:30-9:30 before my legs/back/hips start to 'Wake up'. I also have many joint issues. I was told by a neurologist that it is because my joints are riding lower due to reduced muscle tone. My knees were really grinding for a while and now it is just in my lower back. I keep my fingers crossed that this too will abate. I really have to be careful that I don't over-stretch in yoga. My muscles are so loosey-goosey, that I go strait to stretching tendons which can create terrible painful recovery times. Let me know if your doctor gives you any solutions for either of these issues...I'd love to hear as I've tried so many different things that haven't worked.

The best,


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OOh a baby! How exciting (i'm just catching up lol!). Many belated congratulations on the birth of your baby. I'm so glad you have great support because let's face it, a new baby is so tiring, even without the added complication of a previous SAH. As for the joints and the hobbling, I know how that feels. Have had psoriatic arthritis since my late 30s/40 but it was all quite well controlled until the SAH when I had to stop taking one of my meds. My type of arthritis is inflammatory and auto-immune. I have realised over the past couple of years if I eat low carb and cut out sugar I feel so much better and my joints don't trouble me. Why I keep falling back into the trap of eating is anyone's guess :crazy:

Anyway, if you do have some kind of arthritis, one of the symptoms/side-effects is brain fog. Fatigue. So it's a double whammy for us. I do hope you get lots of help and answers and wish you many wonderful things for 2013...

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