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New member - Freckles- looking for advice on back pain


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Hi, Freckles here.

SAH 9/6/13 requiring crainiotomy and 2 & 1/2 weeks in hospital. Luckily I have no physical deficits, but I am experiencing middle back pain that is worse when in bed. I have recently started back at work for a few hours a day and seem to be coping with this.

For the back pain, I have tried massage and Chiropractors along with hotpacks and baths with not much relief. I am not sure if this middle back pain (around my bra strap) is related to my SAH or from all the required resting that I have been doing.

I have started doing yoga, and have finally been accepted at rehab. Rehab is more for improving my confidence in being able to exercise without doing harm to my brain.

I am glad to have found this site as it has helped me understand what I am experiencing is "normal". I can ask my surgeon via email, but it usually takes him a week to answer my questions. I was also discharged from hospital without any post-op instructions- despite asking for advice the day of discharge. But- I am glad to be alive. :lol:

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Hi Freckles warm welcome to the site glad you found us.

Wow SAH in June back to work now well done hope your not doing it too fast tho.

The back could be the blood going back through but if your concerned see your GP/family Doctor.

I was told that some forms of Yoga effect the brain but also been told that this is wrong so.

Think its an all over thing (world wide) being discharged without any real advice.

take care

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Hi Freckles :) a very warm welcome to BTG :)

Wow, as Louise just said well done you for back to work so quickly !

Like you I had back pain and also right up my neck too. My ruptured Anni was Brain Stem. I was told it was the blood dispersing and would take time.

It did last for quite some months after. Very gentle massage did help and also we got a memory foam mattress topper for the bed, which I could not be without now.

Like you I had a craniotomy, was in hospital for a month and released with no advice as to what to expect....all very scary!

I find when I get very tired my neck and back still ache now 5years plus.

Glad you found us :)

Take care xx

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I suppose I should say good evening Freckles! Welcome. Glad to hear Ure doing well but as Louise cautions don't rush it too fast you did have brain surgery.

Middle back pain ...I get stabbing pain across the middle of my back emanating from under my right shoulder blade. I was told that it was possibly due to the position they place you in during surgery. I wasn't clipped but had surgery for evd and then later for a shunt. Don't know how true that is, seems plausible. It has eased over time but it does take my breath away even now. I just have to wait for it to ease. Hot Wheatie bags seem to help me the most. Stress and worry can trigger it as well.

Take care now. Glad u found BTG

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Welcome Freckles,

I am impressed with how fast you are moving along. Back pain that early on? Cannot recall much about that early on but since you are seeing a PT can you ask them to examine your back in that area? I am in PT right now for a giant knot I cannot work out in my lower back and he has given my some really minor exercises and I report to them twice weekly for massage etc. First you should always ask your doctor. But my PT guy located that knot that I have without any real pushing etc.

When I get that tight back around my bra strap area it tightens my chest area too, I have fibro and it is something I use to get more often. I had that area tighten up really bad 2 Sundays ago and had to have a co worker just flat hand massage the area to loosen it up. You are so early on I hestitate to even respond to your pain ...sorry. I do heat and hot epson salt baths a few times a day to get the almost stiff as a board feeling to ease up a bit. But you may be over doing it? Maybe so early on?

I use to do yoga but cannot get back in that groove since SAH but the back exercises they gave me to do are so minor it makes yoga a bit strenuous! Good Luck with your recovery.


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Hi Freckles,

Freckles are a sign of beauty (she says having loads) Welcome to BTG.

Firstly take your time and secondly take no stress.

Thirdly listen to he wise ones on BTG (I am not one of them lol)

I get pain in lower back and cannot walk that far.

Keep Well


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Hi Freckles,

Wow, I cannot believe you are working already. I must be a big baby. I had mine in Apr, did not have surgery such as you, and I waited 5 months to return to work part-time.

Please take your time and rest when you can. It's a long road but you are doing fantastic!!

Sorry about your back. I had major back pain in the hospital but mine was the lower back. It stopped as soon as I got home.

As for no information, I think we can all attest to that. No one is given any information when leaving the hospital. It's very scary not knowing.


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So very true Louise. I must admit the first two months were hell and the third was in and out of hell and now, well, it's getting better thank the Lord.

Freckles, I do hope you continue on your road to recovery with little setback. We are all trudging forward. :)


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Welcome!! Did I read that right?? You just had your SAH just a few weeks ago?? That's truly impressive you've gone back to work even a little! Keep up the good work!!!

As for the back pain, yup! I had it there and then it travelled down my spine finally landing in my tail bone area. I was informed it was the blood from the brain that drained into the cerebral spinal fluid and since that system is not meant to handle ANY extra, the blood from the brain thing was causing extra pressure and hence, pain. It is supposed to go away. I am 3 and half months since mine and for the most part the pain has subsided. It took a couple weeks of steriods to finally get the last of it to subside. I do still occassionally have the pain in my tailbone area but it is tolerable now.

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Hi Susan, thanks for your support, but my SAH occured around the time of yours- nearly 4 months ago. My Neurologist gave me 3 months off work, and both he and my GP are happy with my graduated return to work. Thankfully I have an understanding employer and if I am not up to work. I just let them know. I feel fine so far- just working 2 days of 3 hours and not doing tasks that require too much bran power.

I have been enjoying the spring weather here in Australia and getting out in the garden lately. Cheers.

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